Creativity with Nature

When we began looking for houses in Denver I knew there were things we would have to sacrifice.  It seems virtually impossible to find the perfect house but somehow we did it… if you don’t include the backyard.  Our backyard in Illinois we used daily.  Usually Isaiah would want to play a family soccer game (his wish to be on his Daddy’s team) or baseball or throw the frisbee.  Our backyard in our new house is basically non existant, there is a large deck that is great for parties, and a teeny tiny grassy area on the side for the kids to play in.  So when they want to go outside it is still a struggle since I think kids need to be outside and my kids always want to. So here are somethings we have been up to in the great outdoors.

Watching and listening.  We sat in our front yard the other day and the people across the street were having their tree trimmed, great for us!  The kids and I went and sat on the front steps and watched as they worked.  Isaiah especially enjoyed the cool trucks one that lifts the worker high so he can prune the tree, and the other that eats the branches and spits them out.  Of course, this is what he is going to do when he grows up, along with about fifteen other things.

We also did rubbings.  I brought out some old peeled crayons and paper and they took turns rubbing different surfaces.  We did the fence, bark, concrete, deck, the side of the house, etc.  Ayla took this idea and ran with it.  She also found a stone and a grasshopper she tried to rub!

Since we are keeping all the kids toys confined to the playroom, so we can actually have a toy free living room, some of the toys are being stored in the garage.  Isaiah’s tool bench and tools are one of the things, but it didn’t seem to bother him.  When we were outside the other day, both the kids pretended to have a shop and they set up offices with our patio furniture and we got little notepads and markers out.  They were so creative, I LOVE to see that.  They would ask we what I needed done, and then go and fix it.  Their favorite things to do was pretend to prune our small tree, and then give me the bill!

Here are some other ideas we will be doing soon:  relay races, exercise class (not my idea), looking for bugs with our magnifying glass, making a book about all the things we see out in nature, leaf rubbings, nature collage, and when it is a nice day, we will have a car wash or paint with water!  My kids are also really into hide and seek (although Ayla always comes out before you actually find her), tag, chalk, sand table, and watering plants.  I am readjusting my thinking about our backyard and making it more useful for our kids, but we also always have a soccer ball and frisbee in our car so when we pass a great park we can stop and play a family soccer game!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. Michelle, you have such great ideas! I love your blog! 🙂 The other day we went on a nature scavenger hunt. I gave the kids inverted tape bracelets so they could pick up whatever stuck to the tape. They had a blast! (Although I can’t say the idea was mine – got it from our MOPS newsletter.) Either way, it’s so fun to see them learn and explore!

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