Today I gave myself my first black eye of my life.  I was pretending I was superwomen and attempting to prop up our broken headboard that had fallen on our bikes.  As I went to move it, the top (broken part), popped off and I basically slugged myself with the solid oak piece.  Instant pain.  I stumbled out of the garage to where the kids were and grabbed my head.  It was bleeding so I yelled everyone in the house quick.  I tried to cover my head with my hand to shield my kids from it, thinking I don’t want them to see the blood.  At the same time I was thinking I had to rush to get them inside in case I passed out from loss of blood or pain.  I grabbed a towel from our kitchen applied pressure and called my husband.  He hopped into his car and made it to our house in record time.  The kids began playing and I started making lunch.  How odd.  I kept doing what I was already doing almost like a robot.  Trevor came home looked at my head and said “Oh my gosh!”  By then the bleeding had stopped and my eye was just puffed and purple.  Through tears I kept making the macaroni and cheese, changed the laundry and even got Ayla into her purple ballet outfit.  Trevor said, “I think you should rest, the other stuff can wait.”  Rest?  Is that even in a mom’s vocabulary?  So I did as I put some organic frozen corn on my head and ate my soup.  Then things returned to normal and we continued to play, read, and go about our business.  During my children’s rest time I thought Trevor’s right, I do need to rest as by then my head was really hurting.  So I layed on the couch with my two month old parent magazine and lounged.  It felt good but guilty at the same time.  There is so much to do, laundry, dinner, cleaning up dishes from lunch, workout, prepare things for my kids for the afternoon… the list is endless.  As the hour ended I was glad I had rested.  I think it is a rare thing in motherhood, since we are so often on the go, but well worth it.  I felt refreshed and ready to go with the afternoon.  I hope to take a little time each day to rest or do something for myself, hopefully not because of a head injury but because it feels good.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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