Extreme Life Makeover

One show Trevor and I enjoy watching on Sundays (when the Vikings are not playing) is Extreme Home Makeover.  I love this show because it always gives me perspective, this Sunday was no exception.  It was a story about a family who gave up the American dream to pursue feeding the homeless.  The husband actually quit his job and started an organization called Salt and Light.  They basically feed the community every week, as well as provide clothing and other things people need.  They do this while living in a house that was literally falling apart.  They had seen a need and fulfilled it no matter the cost to them.  They couldn’t have people over because their house was embarrassing to them to host others since  part of the roof was hanging down, the two girls slept in a room with small mattresses on the ground where if you spread your arms out, you could almost touch both walls, all furniture was worn and donated.  Wow.  Quite humbling to see people put their faith in action.  God called them and they responded.  I was convicted as I have complained about our new house.  It is smaller than we are used to, the yard is small, and the neighborhood is not suburban.  Yet this woman, who loves her children as I do, was able to rest in God and give up the hope of a nice big house.  She summed it up well when she said something like, “A part of me always wanted a newer nicer house.  But then I would look at the people we were ministering to and think, I have healthy kids, a husband who loves me, and at least I have a house.  Part of me always wanted a pretty house.”  I think it is amazing how since she worked with people who had so little she compared herself to them and felt blessed.  It was a wonderful reminder to me to remember to look at all we have, not at what we do not have.  I am truly blessed.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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