Homemade kits

As the weather gets cooler, one thing we love to do is play with our homemade kits.  We have various kits that we pull out on a stay inside day just to change things up.  We have a birthday kit complete with a fake cake (although sometimes it is fun to make a real one), streamers, balloons, leftover party plates, candles, a wrapping paper.  We pretend it is one of our birthdays or a stuffed animals.  The kids enjoy singing “Happy Birthday.”  Office kits are fun, my kids love anything on a clipboard, as well as pretend phones, calculator, and other various office supplies.  Gardening kit is another one we like to set up in the spring. They can play flower shop/gardening center, complete with fake flowers, pots (brown torn paper as soil), old seed packets, flower magazines, shovels, etc.  We have a baby kit that has my kids old baby outfits, babies, fake food, high chair, cradle, stroller, etc.  They make up names for their babies, today it was Michael John (you like the name Papaw?) for Isaiah’s boy baby that he pretended to take on walks.  Ayla named her shooty matooty.  She is into rhyming these days and she spent lots of time singing to her babies and feeding them.   Today we also decided to play vet.  We got out our doctor’s kit and the kids used stuffed animals, band aids, and a clipboard with a checklist.  The kids had so much fun taking care of their animals, a stuffed bear and dog.  They took their temperatures, gave them shots, checked on their eating habits, and prescribed medication (lots of sleep and Tylenol for Isaiah’s and popsicle for Ayla’s).  Homemade kits are a fun way to change up the day and lead to a lot of creative imaginary play.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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