This week we began making our preparations for Thanksgiving.  We began unthawing the turkey to take to church on Sunday.  On Wednesday the kids and I made enough stuffing for fifty people, made pizza dough for our non traditional dinner, shopped for ingredients, made homemade cinnamon rolls, and made a mess!  The stuffing was a challenge since we had to dry out five loaves of white bread (picture our kitchen table, stove, and all counter space taken up by pieces of bread on paper towels).  The kids and I then tore up the dried pieces of bread, this was their favorite part, and adding chicken broth, eggs, onions and celery.  I was surprised when it actually all fit into the pan.  Ayla stirred the mixture and Isaiah got to crack the eggs, which he was very proud of.  Putting it into the fridge to be heated in the morning was another task, since our fridge was packed, but more importantly our fridge door wouldn’t close.  No problem I’ll just prop the step stool on it and make it close.  Ha, I am not defeated!  I think the kids enjoyed digging into the big bag of flour I had out and making a mess with that…no pictures of it, they surprised me and I couldn’t find the camera (it was in my back pocket, bummer).  Anyway getting everything ready went well, and we had a great Thanksgiving, here are a few highlights.

We went to church this morning and spent a couple of hours there.  Ayla greeted people for a while while Isaiah and I brought people their food.  Ayla really enjoyed checking on people. “Let’s make sure no one needs coffee mommy,” she would say.  Isaiah helped throw away plates.  I am thankful they got to help.  When we arrived at the church, a half hour before it began, the parking lot was already full and people were ready to eat.  People were very grateful and it was fun to see so many people partnering together.

The kids and I came home around twelve thirty and played had rest time and listened to their God is good song about 200 times!  So much joy and thankfulness!  Trevor had to stay at the church so he came home around four and got to work on the pizzas.  We had Uncle Ryan and his family over as well as some friends from our college for pizza and fellowship.  Isaiah was super happy to have two more boys his age to play with, as they spent most of the time chasing the girls around.  All in all it truly was a great day, we praise God and thank Him for His faithfulness to us.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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