Funny Things Kids Say and Do

I love a good kid’s story.  I decided to make a list of the funny things my kids say and do throughout these next months to share with you all.

9-20-09 Ayla and Isaiah learned about Sarai and Abram and their journey at Sunday School one day.  They had a cute little picture of Abram and Sarai on donkeys and I asked the kids on the way home “Why were they on the donkey?”.  Ayla response with, “I think they had car trouble, so they had to use those instead.”

9-28-09 We were playing rescuing animals.  Ayla decided she was a deer that would rescue other animals.  “And if I run out of power I will go and get more power!”  “Oh, where do you go to get more power?”  I asked.  “To the gas station!”

10-07-09 My kids were singing a new song to their Grammy and Isaiah decides to serenade her.  “It ain’t gonna rain no more no more no it aint gonna rain no more.  How in the deck (supposed to be heck) can I wash my neck when it aint gonna rain no more.”

10-08-09  Isaiah was getting indoctrinated into liking the Minnesota Twins as Trevor was cheering for them today.  Isaiah sat by his Dad and said, “I am going for the Twins too, go Minnesota Cubs!”  Whoops!

10-24-09 Ayla put on Isaiah’s cat ears tonight at dinner and said, “So I know I am the queen.”  So much truth to that!

10-22-09 We were playing pictionary and Trevor was drawing a picture of a person with a nose.  Isaiah was sitting across from him and said, “I know Daddy, it is a mushroom!”  So cute.  Trevor does have good artistic skills, it is just that it was upside down.  Also during the I told Ayla her word was leaf.  She started scribbling and Trevor was guessing things like a typhoon, and tornado, etc.  Then I mouthed leaf and he goes, “Oh is it a beautiful fall leaf?”  “No,” Ayla said, “it is a zebra.”  She drew it because Isaiah had drawn that right before her.  Fun game night with the Lees!!

10-24-09 As  we were playing beauty shop this morning Ayla was combing my hair and Isaiah was drying it, they were “making me gorgeous.”  I said to them, “Okay only a couple more minutes and then one of you get to be the customer.”  Ayla looked at me and said, “We need more than a couple of minutes to make you beautiful Mommy.”  How sad.

Can’t remember the exact date on this one, but Isaiah wanted to stay with me in church one Sunday instead of going to children’s church so he sat on my lap and we sang and he was listening very well.  Just as Trevor started to pray Isaiah tooted very loudly (yes still on my lap) and then said, “Excuse me.”  Memorable.

11-6-09 While my sister and Cory were visiting, Ayla decided she would color both of her hands and up her arms with an orange marker.  She is not allowed to do this and she knew she would be in trouble, so instead of coming and telling me, she went and told her Aunt Meg.  “Uh Aunt Meg” she says as she taps on her.  “I had a little accident.”  “What happened Ayla?”  my sister asks.  She proceeds to show her Aunt her orange hands.  Yes marker privileges have been suspended for her.

11-12-09 Isaiah was coaching Ayla on how to deal with bullies when she goes to preschool next year.  He said, “You just speak rudely to them.”  I said, “No Isaiah, we treat everyone with kindness, why would you say that?”  He said, “Well Mommy, that is what Daddy said.”  Trevor actually told him he could stand up for himself and tell the boy in a strong voice, “Please leave me alone, I don’t like that.”  Funny how kids can totally interpret things differently.

11-13-09 Ayla and I were getting some balloons out to blow up and we had dumped them on the playroom floor.  We have about 250+ balloons (thanks to Aunt Meg!) so our floor was covered.  I left the room to answer the phone and when I came back most of the balloons were gone.  “Where are all the balloons?”  I asked Ayla.  She was hesitant to answer and finally she told me she stuffed them into her pants. Nice.

12-03-09 This morning before we left for preschool and dance, Trevor was telling Ayla that she is going to have special Daddy time with him the next day for an hour or so.  I asked Ayla on the way to dance what she would like to do with Daddy.  She said, “Well I think maybe he could take me to Disney Land.”  I wish!


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I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. Thanks for writing these down hon, I love remembering them!

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