Staying Warm

We are in a cold spell and it is freezing!  Not only is there snow, wind, and cold, the sun is refusing to shine lately.  Ahhh the joy of winter.  We have been busy keeping warm doing lots of fun activities (although the kids still like to dance in dress up clothes).  Making presents and wrapping them was super fun.  We made homemade letter crayons for Isaiah’s class and presents for some cousins and grandparents.  Wrapping them was very successful this year. Isaiah actually was able to cut, wrap and tape all on his own.  He even wrote the names on some of them, although he had a hard time understanding why Lydia, Ella, Grandpa and Grandma were spelled the way they were (the short a sound confused him).

To keep us in the Christmas mood, we have been using some of our old Christmas cards as puzzles, which the kids have enjoyed (after they understood why I was cutting them up).  We made paper chains to hang around our Christmas tree, glitter trees and wreaths, and we decorated a cone I got from a craft store with paint brushes and popsicle sticks, the kids added their own touch for a homemade, kid friendly Christmas tree!

After our good friend was here visiting from Atlanta and gave them lots and lots of change, the kids spent one morning washing all their new money with water and toothbrushes.  All in all it is busy in our house, never a dull moment!

We also made cut out cookies, which was mostly fun.  Each year I have to gear myself up for this knowing there will be a huge mess and it will be slightly stressful.  The kids did so well.  They helped make the dough, roll it out, cut them with cookie cutters and ice them.  Putting the icing on was the favorite of course, with about a pound of sprinkles on each cookie.  I gave the kids each a cookie and said they could wait until the icing was done and eat it with icing, or they could eat it then just plain.  Guess who ate all but one bite of hers?  Not a lot of patience as in most three year olds.  Isaiah actually saved most of his, then put all five icing colors on his cookie!  Thank goodness he did not have a stomach ache.  It really was so much fun, as they got so excited to see the different cookie cutters and share this with them, as I used to do with my grandma.    We also made monster cookies for a cookie exchange, so we have about seven dozen cookies at our house.  Some we will take to neighbors and some we will take to our church on Christmas Eve.

One of our favorite things has to be our indoor snowball fight (we used crafts pom poms).  The kids had a blast getting each other and me and making a huge mess!  Isaiah liked having me chase him all over the house, while Ayla was the cheerleader encouraging me to get Isaiah!  Loads of fun.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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