I feel like lately all my kids have been doing is fighting.  Pretty much nonstop.  It is enough to make any mom crazy!  Anyway we have developed some strategies for solving common problems with siblings thought I’d share them in case any of you have more than one child (unless of course you are blessed with children that don’t quarrel HA HA).  Most of these deal with sharing and toys, something we are always working on.  Even as an adult I sometimes have a hard time sharing things (and not just my DOTS candy).

I Pick You Pick:  This is our strategy for when both children want to play with the same item (Polly pockets, cars, etc).  whoevers toy they are choses one first and we go back and forth until all are chosen.  It has worked really well with our kids.  They will both want to play and usually one of them will say, “Let’s do I Pick You Pick”.  Problem solved.

Setting the timer:  I am sure many of you have done this or do this, but it is a simple way to say “In two minutes you can wear the pink tutu.”  (This strategy works well with cousins and friends too!)  Usually one of them will get bored and we will only go a round or two.

3 Choices:  When my children are playing with something and someone wants a turn with it (like reading our new Christmas book by Grammy) they have three ways to respond.  One is “Sure you can have it.”  This one I am sad to say doesn’t get used in my house all that often.  Choice two is “We can play it together/ We can share.”  Every once in a while we will use this strategy.  The last one is the most common response and that is, “You can have a turn when I am done, in two minutes.”  I have found it is really helpful to have strategies like this to help guide their thinking in order to avoid frustration.

Present Game:  With Christmas coming up we have been working on manners to help our children be thankful for the presents they will be receiving, even if it is not what they wanted or expected.  Basically the giver takes on old gift bag finds a present for another person, and gives it to them.  The present receiver has to say thank you as well as something they like about the present.  I was very impressed with them the first time we played it.  Isaiah picked out a book Ayla loves and Ayla gave him his favorite stuffed animals.  I wanted to challenge them and see what they would do so I was the giver and gave Ayla broccoli from our fake food.  She opened it and gushed, “Oh Mommy thank you so much!  I LOVE broccoli.  It is my favorite vegetable!”  Mission accomplished

Hope this is helpful.  I would love for you to share your ideas with me.  Happy Exploring!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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