Great Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas at our house this year.  We had fun with our extended family and enjoyed some time with our church family as well.  Here are a few highlights:

Overall some of my favorite memories include:  Isaiah playing the song “Go Tell it on the Mountain” about twenty-five times one night and putting on a basketball show for us!  Learning how to make the bread Zweiback from my mother in law.  It is super yummy and the kids had a great time making it.  My husband’s excitement when he found out we got a new HD TV from his parents for Christmas.  Everyone getting the “Thunder Belly”, not really a great thing, but memorable.  The kids dancing and praising on the stage at church on Christmas Eve.  Ayla and Isaiah’s letters to Santa.  Isaiah told what he wanted (several things) and Ayla’s was about Jesus and Mary and that she had been good.  My generous husband getting me two massages for Christmas, even though we weren’t supposed to buy each other presents (he is super giving and selfless and I am blessed to have him).  When my husband and I went overnight to downtown Denver and had some time for us.  My nephew loving to fall asleep on me.  Meaningful conversations with people who I love.  Having it be a white Christmas, the snow was truly so beautiful.  Watching Isaiah beat his Daddy in Mario Cart on the Wii.  The kids being Santa and passing out the presents on Christmas morning and getting so excited doing it.  Watching Isaiah’s joy as he gave each person the present he had bought for them, truly he was so proud.  The kids waking up excited to see their cousin and hoping they could spend the day with her.  Mostly I think I am thankful for joy and family.  It was a true blessing to have my husband’s family here for season and get to celebrate with them.  Overall our Christmas was different from in the years before, but still it was a wonderful, memorable time!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. LOVE the picture of Ayla opening her princesses…grammy will be happy to see this picture!! And, Isaiah being so excited to give people the presents he bought them?! Brought a tear to my eye…what wonderful kids you have…I miss them soooo much!!

  2. So happy to see these pictures up already. Was totally smiling as I was looking through them and reading your captions. I love the picture of Ayla opening her princesses–so surprised! And I love that Isaiah calls Spiderman, etc. his “guys.”

    Hope it works out to come see you in just a few months!

  3. LOved looking at the Christmas pictures and New Years pictures. The kids really did a lot of work to get ready for the party. Sounds like you had a great Christmas too!

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