100 Things I Love About My Husband

Today is my husband’s birthday.  I am thankful to be part of his life and grow with him daily.  I have thought of all the different things I love about him and came up with a list.  I think as moms sometimes we focus too much on our kids and forget the joy of being a wife, not just a mother.  One of the best gifts I can give my children is a good strong marriage, so here is a list of the things I adore about my spouse.

1. He loves Jesus

2. He makes time for our family

3. Selfless (spending his Christmas money on a massage for me?)

4. His legs (I’ve always liked them!)

5. He is humble, truly he has no clue how amazing he is

6. The wrestling matches with the kids

7. He is a great cook, have you ever had his guacamole or anyone of his made up marinades?  So tasty!

8. Boy is he smart,  but not in a nerdy I know it all way

9. He is balanced (from watching football, to work and family time)

10. He takes care of all our bills, much appreciated!

11. He listens and obeys the Holy Spirit

12. He isn’t afraid to admit when he is wrong

13. Defiantly a glass full kind of person

14. I love his hugs, he always holds me tight

15. He is not afraid to make a fool of himself, like dance parties with the kids

16. He believes in the power of prayer

17. He is passionate about serving the poor

18. I love his laugh

19. People love being around him, he is a people person

20. He sweats when he eats hot stuff, yet continues to do it!

21. I like it that he gives manly advice to Isaiah, like ladies first

21. He treats people the same rich, poor, black, white

22. He allows God use him in big or small ways

23. He craves deep relationships

24. He, without shame, drives my grandma’s old white tempo

25.  He knows the importance of being true to the God’s word, regardless of what our culture says

26. Very complementary to me even though I am getting older, he swears I am more beautiful, and I believe he thinks that.

27. His made up songs, anything from dinner songs to crazy kids.  I think he passed this ability on to Ayla as she is always making up songs.

28. He challenges the way I have always thought about the Bible, my faith, Christianity

29. Gives good back rubs and doesn’t complain when I ask to have one.

30. He really loves me.

31. He has a little gangster in him as he likes rap music.

32. Hangs up his sweaty workout stuff so I don’t have to touch wet clothes when I do laundry.

33. Likes sports and loves to teach our kids to love them as well, but also lets them decide which teams they like.

34. He always takes out the trash and recycling.

35. Shares his heart openly with me.

36. He can always make me laugh, he is funny, and has a great sense of humor.

37. His loyalty

38. He encourages my friendships with my girls and me taking time for myself.

39. He lets me smell his armpit right after he puts on deodorant, it smells good!

40. He is willing to turn over in the middle of the night and close his mouth when he is snoring.

41. He is a heater.

42. He allows me to put my cold feet on him at night.

43. Adores his daughter and is patient with her drama.

44. So happy he married me.

45. Surprises me with my favorite Starbucks drink, candy, ice cream or flowers just because he thought of me.

46. He makes people feel important, from the mailman, to the worker at Chipotle.  He takes them time to talk to them about their day too.

47. He still enjoys holding my hand.

48. He is dearly loved by my family, as my grandma says. “I got the best!”

49. He lets me steal the covers at night.

50. Never complains that his shirts aren’t folded right (I am horrible at this).

51. He truly enjoys spending time with our children and misses them when he has meetings.

52. He has a great smile, it is contagious.

53. He is the best Dad.

54. He is very dedicated to working out and strives to set a good example for our kids.

55. We complement each other well, from his visionary perspective to my details, planning not planning, etc.

56. He is rarely misses a family dinner.

57. He makes life more fun.

58. He can fix things, like our vacuum, garbage disposal, etc.

59. He trusts me.

60. He is always learning and growing.

61. He always tells me he loves me on the phone, before bed, and just when he feels like it.

62. He looks into my eyes when we have a conversation.

63. He provides for us.

64.  He is happy to have me at home with our kids.

65. He doesn’t miss big things like our kids doctors checks and school shopping.

66. He gets more handsome and sweeter each day.

67.  He is willing to sacrifice when needed.

68. He always fills my car with gas because he knows I don’t like to.

69. He is a giver, even when we are in need, he looks at who he can help.

70. He dreams big.

71. He goes to bed with me most nights.

72. He willingly eats anything I cook.

73. He likes our family traditions.

74. He willingly watches chick flicks with me.

75. He relies on the Lord.

76. He is strong.

77. He is competitive, we will race and he doesn’t let me win

78. He is a huge support to me as a mom.

79. He actually looks through our kids scrapbooks and admires them from time to time.

80. He prays for our kids and me.

81. He is wise.

82. He is not a dictator but he is also not afraid to take charge.

83. He lets me sleep near the clock.

84. He cares about my opinion.

85. He is a good, safe driver, even in lots of snow.

86. He is a great story-teller.

87. He knows a lot about sports and can rattle off lots of information about football, tennis, baseball and basketball.  I think that is very impressive!  But I am thankful sports don’t rule his life.

88. He looks for opportunities to serve others.

89. He is a great role model for our children of what a godly husband should be.

90. Rarely do I hear him complain.

91. He doesn’t mind (too much) that I am a huge saver and pack rat.

92. He can speak some spanish.

93. He always does what is right.

94. He respects women.

95. He has a lot of passion.

96. He is missionally focused.

97. He hates having things unsettled between him and another person, he quickly makes amends.

98. His kids adore him.

99. He has a great sense of direction, rarely do we ever get lost.

100. His priorities are right God, family, friends


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. Michelle, thank you. For you to take the time to do this means so much to me. I am so blessed to have you and get to grow with you.

    One bone to pick–I put up a fight about chick flicks!

    Thanks baby.

  2. This is a tremendous list. Trevor, I recommend you print it out and put it in your office!

    You two are inspiring to so many of us!

  3. Michelle–this is amazing! I’m not going to lie, it totally made me cry. This list reads like a wish list for single Christian women everywhere! So awesome. 🙂

  4. Michelle,
    This really got me to think, thank you! I might start my list.
    You both are very special.

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