Indoor Exercise

The weather lately has not been such that we have been able to be outside.  I can tell my children need to get some energy out so here are some ideas of things we have done or are on our list to do if we can’t go outside.

*Exercise dice:  I used to do this with my kindergarten kids and they loved it.  Basically you throw the dice (we have jumbo dice from and then the kids either tell you what the numbers are or they tell you what the two numbers would be added together.  Let’s say we roll a four and a three.  Then we count up all the dots to equal seven and we do seven of some kind of exercise, like jumping jacks, spins (Ayla’s favorite), claps, jumps, etc. Isaiah’s favorite were somersaults, I think he did at least 25 of them!   Believe me, the kids get creative and it is lots of fun, and bonus, it helps learn their numbers and works on counting!

* Dance parties:  One of our favorites, we pretty much do this each day.  Put on some music and dance!!

* Exercise class or Exercise DVD: It sounds like something kids might not like, but my kids love it!  I pretend I am the instructor and tell them what to do (or vice versa), or put on one of my exercise DVD’s and they do it with me.  They actually ask if they can workout with me, if I do it without them they are sad!!

*  Going to a playground at the mall or indoor area like McDonald’s is good too.  They are climbing, jumping and running there as well.

* We like to make obstacle courses as well.  Jumping through hoops, climbing on a tower of pillows, diving over stuffed animals, etc.

* We also have an air mattress our kids like to play on, usually jumping but last time it was sliding!  They are almost getting to big, but it works for now.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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