Just Have Fun

Sometimes in parenting we get so caught up in teaching them, training them, running the household, discipline, etc. that we forget to have fun.  I try to incorporate just “cutting loose” with my kids to create memories, and simply just to have fun!  Here are some things we have been doing to produce laughter and fun in our house.

* Knock knock jokes.  We started this when my Dad came for a visit.  Isaiah’s normally go like this: “Knock knock,” “Who’s there?”  “Daddy who?”  He forgets the line in between, but we all laugh!

* The other day Daddy sprayed me with water when he was doing the dishes and I got fairly wet.  Isaiah laughed so he got wet as well.  Being the gracious Dad that he is, he gave Isaiah a turn to spray him… WOW!  Isaiah went crazy, by the end, the floor, fridge, and all of us were soaked.  It was a fun memory and we all laughed a lot!

* Breaking the rules.  Eat dessert first.  On occasion, I think this is a great way to change up the routine and put a smile on my kids faces.  Have a stay in pajamas day or a day with no rest time (I have done this on occasion, although my kids don’t nap they do usually need a rest).

* Just getting messy.  Painting with pudding, writing with shaving cream, digging in the dirt for worms, the messier the better!

Smile and Laugh big!!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. Great advice, Michelle! It reminds me of something I did with my nearly 3 year old last week. She always wants me to paint her nails, so I did and then I let her paint my toenails! I figured its winter, so no one sees my feet anyway, she was so proud of her work, my toes were a mess. But the funny thing was after a shower all the polish came off my skin, but stayed on my toenails and it doesn’t look too bad. But it was a memory and so fun!

  2. You just called me Daddy!!

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