Keeping in Touch

One thing I cherished from my growing up was being surrounded by family and growing with them.  I am close to my family and want that same thing for my children.  Unfortunately when you live far away from them it is hard to always stay closely connected.  Here are some ways we keep in touch with our extended family.

Penpal notebooks:  We have one we send back and forth to my sister and the kids LOVE it (and I think she likes it a lot too)!  I took a regular notebook and we take turns writing in it, drawing pictures, pasting in pictures of ourselves and things we’ve done.  Then we put it in the mail and send it back to her.  She does the same and a few weeks later, a package arrives for them.  It really helps her to feel like she isn’t missing as much, and the kids enjoy hearing about all her adventures.

Pictures on the fridge:  We simply took a close up picture of all our family members and added a magnetic backing to them.  Instant fun in the kitchen, and a great way to provide conversation as dinner is getting made.  We talk about silly Papaw who loves to ride on his tractor and motorcycle, or their cousin Caity who is taking dance like my daughter.  You could also make a book about who is in my family, punch holes in the top and make it a flip book, or even a memory game (just print two sets of each picture).

Recorded Books:  Over Christmas my Mom sent the kids a book she read and recorded (through Hallmark).  This was a huge hit!  My kids would say, “I miss my Grammy,” and go over and listen as she read the book to them!  I put the book away with our other Christmas stuff, and the other day Ayla asked if she could read it.  OOPS!

Mail:  It is super exciting when my kids get packages or mail.  They love to make cards and send to their friends and family, and they look forward to receiving a message back from them.  My kids have mailboxes in our house so on occasion their grandparents have sent things to my e-mail for me to print off and stick in their mailboxes!  What a wonderful surprise.

Share your ideas on keeping in touch with long distance relatives!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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