Activities For Sick Kids

My kids have now been sick for a week, which means we are pretty much homebound.  The next week will bring more of the same so here is a list of all the activities I could think of for sick kids.

* Coloring/drawing pictures- I like to give my kids clipboards so they can have it on their lap in case they want to lay while they are drawing.

* Talking Games- What is your favorite (movie, game, dessert, drink, sport, etc.), I spy (good for not moving much!), Riddles (what lives on the farm, likes mud, and says oink?), Thumbs up or down (roller skating: kids put their thumbs up or down if they like it or not).

* Story Telling- My kids had the pleasure of having their Grammy here while they were sick (sad for her!) so she enjoyed telling them stories about me growing up, vacations we took, etc.  My kids also love hearing new made up stories, especially if they are in them!  We also like to read through their memory journals, so they can hear stories about themselves.

* Pampering- Painting finger and toenails, massage or lotion rubbing

* Games- Always a favorite in our house we have been playing war, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Guess Who, Sorry, and the new card game speed.

* Foil sculpting.  Give the kids a small piece of foil and allow them to create whatever they wish!

* Necklace- Make some jewelry with pipe cleaners and beads and create your own bling!

* Warm bath or shower- Takes away the aches and is good for relaxing.

* Read, read, read- I love to read to my kids.  When they are sick they are even more into it!  Go to the library and get some new books, or pull some off your bookshelf.

* Puzzles- nice and quiet

* Animals- Set up a zoo with the stuffed animals or a vet office and let them play with them.

* Make lists- list of who loves them, list of all the things they want to do this month, list of holidays, etc.

* Magnets- Give your child a cookie sheet and let them make words out of letters, or just play with magnets.

* Magazine- Cut things out of magazines to make a collage, tell stories with them, or just browse through them.

There is always TV, games on the computer, Leapster, etc.  Please share your ideas on how to keep your kids entertained and rested when they are sick. 🙂  Happy Playing!!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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