Turning 5

Today my son turned 5!  It is truly hard for me to believe as the time has gone so fast.  This year there was several inches of snow on the ground, so the park and picnic I had planned would have to wait, instead we had fun doing other inside things.

Part of the tradition on birthdays is breakfast in bed on the breakfast tray.  I make their favorite breakfast, for Isaiah, coffee cake, strawberries, and sausage of course, then I put a few small presents on their tray.  This year Isaiah got a small Lego car with a guy, a Magic Tree House book, and a small handheld drum.  He was really excited and thankful.  I love that about him.  Maybe it is because I do not buy my children gifts other than birthdays or Christmas, or maybe it is just his personality, but he was truly thankful.

After a great breakfast I told him I had a surprise in the play room for him.  When he opened the door he found the room filled with balloons!  This was actually HIS idea.  A few months ago he asked if I would do this for his birthday, and I am thankful I remembered!  His eyes lit up and he went right to jumping and running through them!  Only one popped.  I will say if you are thinking of doing this for your child, it takes a lot more balloons than you think.  I had around 100 balloons and it covered the floor and a started to pile up!

Isaiah then opened his presents and cards from us and our far away family.  It was a Lego day for sure!  He truly is so into them, it is great.  I asked if he wanted to play in the snow and he was insisting on putting together each of his Lego sets.

The only thing Isaiah really asked to do was go to McDonald’s for lunch and play Mario Cart at his uncle’s.  So my husband shoveled so we could get out and go.  We stopped by Uncle Ry’s to play a little wee and then headed to lunch.  The kids even got happy meals!  They played and we headed home to rest time.

The rest of the day was filled with lots and lots of Lego playing as well as a steak dinner, snowball fight and an ice cream bar.  Isaiah made his with every topping and asked for seconds and thirds!  It truly was a great day.  I love that boy so much. I am truly the one that is blessed to get to be his mom.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. You made his day hon! When I asked him if he had a good birthday he responded, “I had a GREAT birthday!”

    By the way, I think you mean we went to Uncle Ry’s and played Wii.

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