Lego Party

My son wanted a Lego party for his 5th birthday, so we invited his preschool friends over and let the festivities begin.  It really was so much fun.  I had to rethink our activities because the weather was uncooperative, so most of the new activities revolved around competition, since my son loves to win and compete.

Activities:  When the kids arrived we had the table set with a small pile of Legos for each kid.  They each built a creation and then we awarded prizes once each one was done.  Everyone got an award and they ranged from prettiest, which my daughter won, to most unique, and even most colorful.  I gave the kids each a bag with some Lego candy I found at the candy store at the mall.  The bag had their award written on it, and I put it in a goody bag for them.

The next activity got a little crazy.  The night before we wrapped one piece of Lego in a whole roll of crate paper, and the kids had to unroll it and see who could find the Lego the fastest.  It was messy and I loved watching the kids get a silly.

Next we had a contest to see who could find a Lego in a balloon the fastest.  I blew up several balloons and put one small Lego in one of the balloons.  The kids had to race to see who could find the Lego the fastest.  Sitting on the balloons, stepping on them, anyway they could pop them was fine.  The whole living room was filled with balloons and it was loud and wild, but loads of fun!

We decided to quiet it down, so we did a guessing jar to see how many Legos were in the jar.  It was funny to see what they guessed.

We played also played “hot Lego”, building the tallest tower and a cooperative building game that totally flopped!  The kids were good sports but it was not working so we scrapped it and had lunch.

I will say I think the kids really just enjoyed playing.  I dumped a huge tub of legos out that we had borrowed from a friend and the kids really had fun just building and playing with each other.

Food: We served chex mix, hotdogs, and juice since that is what Isaiah wanted.

Cake:  The cake was a brick Lego that was blue.  Usually my husband is in charge of the cake but he had to leave so I was put on cake duty.  I think it turned out great!

Decorations:  I really didn’t do much.  We had some balloons outside, a chair wrapped and decorated like a blue Lego, legos hanging over the table and some posters I printed off the Lego website and hung beside the table.

Party Favors: We gave each child the Lego candy bag as well as a Lego poster to take home.  I am not a huge fan of the party favor gift bag of small candy and trinkets.  I would rather give one nicer gift that all the little stuff.

Thank You Notes: My son is in the process of writing all his thank you notes, and with the ones to his friends from the party we are giving them a Lego magazine as well.

This was my first party where some of the parents decided not to stay, so when the parents dropped them off I had a sheet of paper with the kids names on them, the cell phone numbers of the parents, and any allergies or foods they couldn’t eat.  Each parent signed the sheet before leaving, so I was prepared.  Good thing since one of the kids was allergic to hotdogs!

It was lots of fun, great memories.  I loved watching my son interact with his friends and just seeing his face so joyful!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the highlights in writing and pictures. The cake looks fabulous. Just like a lego. Another successful party! Hope to be there for the next one. Love, Twyla

  2. Jen (the one in Mongolia)

    Ohmyword!!! You and Julie L. are the queens of birthday parties. I will remember this when my time comes. 🙂

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