Isaiah got to go to his kindergarten screening, where they test him to see all he knows and what he needs to learn before beginning kindergarten.  I was fairly confident having him go since he knows all the basics and since I taught kindergarten.  The only thing the teacher had said he should work on is developing his pictures.  YIKES!  We have been busy reading, doing sight words, counting to 100, even shoe tying that I missed a very important step.  Detailed pictures make for detailed writers, how could I forget?  Isaiah is much more into coloring in coloring books than drawing lately so I had to be creative.  We are working on adding all the details to the our people as well as details around the picture, trees with apples, or a house with windows, and don’t forget you’re NOT bald!  That always gets a laugh out of Isaiah since he constantly forgets his hair on his drawings.  He laughs and says, “Not like Papaw!” Here’s what we’ve been drawing on:

Large sheets of paper to make it more fun, simply tape it to the wall or floor and enjoy the pictures.  Ours ended up being the mountains in Colorado with people hiking and skiing and lots of trees on them.

Mini paper is a great way too.  I made my kids smaller versions of clipboards with a piece of cardboard and then cut sheets to fit it.  They think these are fun since they are small!

Writing on paper grocery bags would be fun too, haven’t done it yet, but what a great way to reuse the bag!

Sidewalk chalk murals.

Make their own picture book.

Draw a picture for someone else and send it in the mail.

Have fun growing with your little ones!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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