I was telling my husband the other day that I feel stuck in an eating rut with the kids.  We go through the basic rotation of hotdogs with macaroni, grilled cheese, PB&J, cold meat sandwiches, and then back again through the list.  With nicer weather here I wanted to get some good ideas for snacks/lunches for my kids.

Here are some ideas:

Fruit Kabobs:  I let my kids help assemble them as well, although I have to help a lot since they are sharp.  They do not like fruit salad, but they LOVE this!

Smoothies: We just add ice, fruit (whatever is on hand) and yogurt.  A friend of mine suggested limeade and lemonade into a smoothie, that sounds refreshing as well!

Yogurt Bar: Having vanilla yogurt and then many topping for them.  We like granola, raisins, honey, sprinkles (yes, it is fun and adds color!), blueberries, strawberries, crushed graham crackers.

Salad Bar: My kids have recently come back to salad, my daughter likes lettuce and sprouts, while my son prefers lettuce, carrots and peppers, (Sometimes I switch out the lettuce for spinach).  I haven’t done this yet, but I was thinking if I put out raisins, cheese, and fun shaped veggies, they might like it.

Also fun: Make your own sandwich.  I like to have a variety of meats, cheeses, breads, sauces, pickles, etc.  This is how my daughter learned she like cream cheese and jelly.

Roll a Snack:  I just put out a variety of finger foods and let them roll the dice and whatever number it is they pick a food and eat up.  Roll a 6, pick 6 pretzels or 4 pieces of banana and 2 marshmallows.  This is a great way for kids to see number combinations, as well as number recognition.

Gorp:  I learned what this was my first year teaching, since we did this for the 100th day of school.  Basically you have 10 different food in groups of ten.  Have your child count out 10 Cheerios, 10 M&M’s, 10 peanuts, 10 mini crackers, etc.  They will add up to 100.

Changing the scenery: Today we ate outside in our backyard.  It is just fun to sometimes not be at the kitchen table.  Parks are great for this.  I also thought about doing this for breakfast in the summer before it gets to hot.

Muffin Tin:  I do Muffin Tin Monday with my kids.  Sometimes there is a theme, sometimes it is just smaller versions of the food I was going to serve anyway.  It makes it super fun to eat not on a plate, but out of a muffin tin.  See more at

Hope that is helpful, let me know what some of your favorite snacks and meals are!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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