Name Writing

So I am trying to get my daughter to write her name before she heads off to preschool.  She can tell you how to spell it and even recognize it, but writing it is another matter.  She is just not as into doing it as my son was so it has been a little bit of a challenge.  She can do the lya just not the capital A.  To help her practice here are some things we are doing.  This could also be used to help with sight words, numbers, etc.

* Dry Erase:  I wrote her name on a plain piece of paper and laminated it.  I set it at her seat when it is snack time and have her use dry erase markers to trace over the letters.  We can easily wipe it off and use it again the next day.

* Salt/Sugar Tray:  This is great too, especially when kids aren’t quite ready to grip the pencil.  Simple fill a small shallow tray (9X13 pan works great) with either sugar or salt and have them practice writing their name in the tray.  It is a little bit messy, but so many fun things are!

* Dot Painters:  I wrote my daughter’s name with pen on a piece of paper and had her go over the letters with dot markers.  I did have to make sure she started at the top and traced the letters correctly.

* Bean Names:  I used to do this my kindergarten class, the kids and the parents both loved it.  I wrote my daughter’s name on a sheet of cardstock and had her trace one letter at a time with glue.  Then she glued dried pinto beans we had to each letter (She got tired of this after two letters so this job was split into two days for us!).

* Rainbow Writing:  I wrote my daughter’s name on a piece of paper and had her go over it with crayons using each color of the rainbow, many times to practice her name, and it was very beautiful in the end.

* Mix Up: I write her name on sentence strips, or small strips of paper, then cut them up and mix them up.  She has to put them in the correct order and then write it on a small chalkboard we have.  She likes this one a lot as it is a game to her!

* Shaving cream/Chocolate pudding: Kids and messy just go together, at least in my house!  We rub shaving cream on their craft table and then they practice writing their names with their fingers.  We have also done pudding, this is more messy, but much tastier!

* Outside: Sidewalk chalk, tracing it with a stick in the sand, painting it on the sidewalk with water and a paint brush.

* Games: I am a huge fan of overlapping learning whenever possible so I love doing counting activities with my kids names.  Write out all the names of people in your family on different strips of paper.  Have the kids compare.  I usually just ask, “What do you notice?”.  They tell me which one is longest, they both have the letter a or something like that.  It is fun to do with middle names too.

* Play-doh: You can roll the letters out or make the letters out of paper, laminate them, and have your child cover it with play-doh.

*Pipe cleaners: They are easy to shape into letters and spell out their name, then have them copy it onto a paper.

Please share your ideas for writing names, have fun learning!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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