Gift Kids Can Make

SPOILER!!! Please, please DO NOT read this post if you are in our family…I would hate to give away the surprise!  Here are the gifts we are making for our family this year.

1. Memory Book: The kids are writing and drawing their favorite memory from the year on a piece of paper and we are putting it into a binder.  We will add a new memory each year.  This gift is a great gift for grandparents, a favorite Aunt or Uncle, Dad, etc.

2. Canvas Painting: This year the kids and I decided to make a picture for Daddy’s office.  I am really excited about this and hope it turns out well.  They are actually painting on real canvas!!!  The kids finger painted over the canvas.  Then Isaiah, was old enough to paint his words,  wrote the words of our family motto on his.  Then I made cardboard stencils for Ayla to paint inside so her letters would turn out. It is Daddy’s favorite Bible verse.

First we painted


Then we added the words


Here is what part of the stencil looked like that I made for Ayla to paint inside.

3. You and Me books:  We have made this in the past for my sister and the idea came from the family fun website.  You simply make a homemade book and then on the first page you might write “You have green eyes.” Next page across from it, “I have blue eyes.”  You fill the whole book with items about the special person they are giving it to.  It is fun to let the kids decide what to include in it.

4. All about You: These are other books that are fun.  My kids have made them about their Dad, simply writing something they love about that person on each page.

Here is the cover, "My Daddy."


Sample inside page

5. Ornaments: So many ways to do this.  Our favorite is the hand and footprint reindeer.  You could also do two hands as angel wings with white paint and their cut out face in the middle.  An upside down green handprint as a Christmas tree with colorful fingerprints as ornaments.

6. Picture Magnets: Either with pictures the kids have made or their pictures.  Simply cut in fun shapes, cover with contact paper and add magnetic tape on the back.

7. Candy Cane reindeer: These we made for the students in my kids class this year.  Wrap pipecleaner around the candy cane.  Add a nose and googly eyes by gluing them on.  Super cute and who doesn’t love candy canes?

8. Thank you cards: For all the great presents our kids are receiving, we made Christmas tree thank you cards.  We used some of my scrapbooking scalloped scissors and Christmas paper.  Cut into rectangles and glue into the shape of a tree.

9. Treats: No holiday is complete without some yummy homemade sweets!  This year we made: peanut butter balls, scotcharoos, pretzels with rolos and M&M’s, peanut butter kiss cookies, cut out cookies, and carmels.

Happy creating!



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I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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