Grocery Shopping with Kids

It wasn’t so long ago that my kids were needing to be entertained while I was grocery shopping.  I would go late at night with my I-pod and relax and enjoy sopping.  But here are some of the tricks I used to keep them happy and cooperative, which made it more enjoyable for us all!  Here are some ideas.

* Give them the list and let them check off the items as you buy them.  This is a great way to incorporate numbers and even reading with your kids.  Just attach the list to a clipboard and give them their favorite marker.

* I Spy.  Have your kids guess what is next on the list by playing I Spy.

* Food Riddles: Example: What is a fruit that is yellow and Boots the monkey (from Dora) likes to eat.  Bananas.

* Involve your kids: Let them pick out a vegetable to have with dinner, or allow them to smell the cantaloupe, this also incorporates learning and experiences.

* Snacks: When my kids were toddlers I always brought along Cheerios or, when I was desperate, a lolly pop to keep them happy.  My sister-in-law swears by the popcorn at Target for this.

* Color Hunt: Give your child a paint sample and see how if they can match it to the items in the store.  Great way to learn colors.

* Make a scavenger hunt list for them.  One with pictures that they can cross of when they see it.

* Wipe the cart: First thing I used to do was wipe the cart when I put my kids in it.  See if they can wipe all over to clean it.

Ideas for Older Kids:

* Estimate the cost of each item on the list and see how close you get to the real price.  This could be in a notebook or on your list.

* Talk about a pound and what that is in terms of measurement.  Let them use the scale to weigh the items you are buying.

* Sorting: when you are ready to check out have your kids give you all the fruits or anything red.

* Tally: How many shoppers will we see today?  How many items are in our grocery cart?  Have your kids tally these up as you shop.

If all these fail, there is always a Starbucks nearby.  If you are like me, getting my favorite drink while I shop, makes it much more enjoyable at least for me!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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  1. Awesome stuff. You are amazing!

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