Ideas for Lunch Boxes

As the school year is fast approaching thought I’d share some ideas for the lunch boxes.  I also like to label the items I put in the lunch box so my kids will eat them in the correct order (My daughter would just drink her milk and be done otherwise!)

Sandwiches: PB&J, lunchmeat, cream cheese and jelly. For variety we use a begal, sub, or pita even cut it into bite size pieces or shapes with cookie cutters.

You Choose: This idea I saw on  Take 3 containers, fill one with fruit, one with vegetables and one with snacks/desserts.  Each child picks one from each station and you add the sandwich!

Wraps:  Our personal favorites are peanut butter and apple, cream cheese ham and pickle, sometimes even just cheese.  You can do a create your own and put the items in the box and have them make it too.

Bite Size Bites: Cut up chucks of ham, cheese, summer sausage, (even cold hotdogs) fruit add some crackers and your good.

Thermos: I am starting this new this year with Isaiah.  I will be putting in hotdogs, chilli, noodle soup, macaroni and cheese and even leftovers!

Rolls: ham and cheese rolled up, bologna and cheese, etc.  Stick in toothpicks to make it more fun.

Dips:  Peanut butter: carrots, celery, crackers, pretzels, mini rice cakes, apples.  Yogurt: fruit, granola bar, pretzels.  Ranch variety of veggies, chunks of chicken, bread sticks.  Cottage cheese: veggies, crackers

Fun:  Wrap the lunch in foil and put a clue on each item.  Carrots:  I am what bugs bunny loves to eat and I am orange.  Put it on a stick.  Chunks of fruit, meat and cheese will make them smile! I am usually not a big dessert person for my kids lunch but every so often I put in something sweet (a tootsie roll, or fruit snacks) along with a note saying, “I miss you because you are so sweet!”  Notes always go over well…not sure what age that might become embarrassing!  Include extra special things as well like sprinkles for pudding, or a fancy straw for their milk, or parmesan cheese for noodles!

Meatless: Trail mix with fruits and nuts, yogurt, crackers OR cheese and crackers, baby carrots, grapes, … lots of options on this one!

I try to always have one fruit or veggie, along with milk and some protein and finally a carb.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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