Thanks-Giving Day 10

We are on our 10th day and it is amazing what God is doing in our hearts and those we are giving to.  My daughter has given away money to her brother and cousin because, “That’s what Jesus would want me to do Mommy.”  Who am I to stand in the way of her generosity?  The boy at church we gave some of our candy with, gave it to our church’s food bank.  At first our kids were hurt and felt like their gift got rejected.  After I explained that their example of generosity encouraged him to be generous, they were happy about the cheer they were spreading. Today here is a look at what we are doing.

Thanks: My sisters.  There is something so amazing and beautiful about the bonds of sisterhood.  We have history.  We have seen each other through good times and bad.  They are the ones I go to when I am in need.  We are a support and huge blessing to each other.  What a gift.

Giving: I am fasting for lunch today so I can pray for one of my sisters.  She is on bedrest with her pregnancy.  After two miscarriages and my brother loosing his son at birth last year, this is a really hard time for our family anyway.  I believe in prayer and God’s ability to do amazing things through it.  My giving today seems like something so small, but I am excited to see how God will use it.   I will pray in expectation today!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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