Family Fun Friday- Candy Canes

The theme for tonight is candy canes, since my kids love them.  My daughter even said she hopes Santa brings her candy canes for Christmas!  Here is our plan.

We will play some games:

1. relay race, who can fill up their stocking with candy canes first?  Race by putting the candy cane on a spoon and racing to your stocking.

My kids kept cheating on this game, but we had lots of fun!

2. Make kids presents for friends by using the candy canes.  Glue googly eyes and use a brown pipe cleaner for the antlers.

3.We will use the candy canes as hockey sticks.  Jelly bean as the puck and play a family game of table candy cane hockey.

This was a huge hit! We took twizzlers and tore them in half and each had a goal. Our candy cane was the hockey stick and a dot was the puck!

4. I saw online (cannot find the website, sorry!) that if you roll an orange on the table to soften it, then poke a hole in them with an apple corer (not all the way through though), then break off the ends of the candy cane, you can actually drink the juice.  We will try it!

This was a flop! Our candy canes had no holes so it didn't work well, we used straws instead and still enjoyed the juice!

5. We were going to go to a candy cane festival (FREE) in our area, but with school and other advent things we are skipping that this year, but it would be fun to do that as well.

6. Great website for candy cane history and facts.

7. It would be fun to do create your own flavor of candy canes and color them as you want…we’ll do this if time allows.


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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