Family Fun Friday- Balloons

We did our family fun night on Sunday this week due to our schedule, but here is a look at our theme.

* Balancing them on a fly swatter.  See who can balance and bounce the longest.

* Volleyball with balloons!  We will move our furniture out of the way, put up a rope as a net and play some fun volleyball.

Tried to teach my son the rules for volleyball and that bikefired! He totally was the rule police after that:)

* Decorate them with permanent markers, make silly faces!  We might use stickers too.

* It is bath night so we might put balloons in the tub (first time for this).  My daughter loved this!  I did have to say no throwing water balloons at the ceiling as she was trying to use the ceiling to pop them!

* Tie a string around the balloon and use a thumb tack to hold it to the ceiling and let the kids battle the balloon.

* Put different items in the balloons and have the kids shake them and guess what they are.

I stumped my daughter when I put a crayon in it. She couldn't figure out the sound. I put rice and a bell in them too, those were the easier ones!

* Glow sticks in the balloons would be fun too.  Saw this on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a try!

* I will hide small treasures in the balloons for my kids to find when they pop them (like a piece of gum, a tattoo, a coupon for a no clean up pass, etc.)

My son sat and bounced on it over and over again! This was one of our favorite things!

* We will try to stomp each others balloons.  Tie a string (1 1/2 to 2 feet) around the balloon and then around the persons ankle.  One per person.  Then try to stomp and pop the other persons balloon.  This could get crazy!!!

* We will also play can’t touch the ground but put a small marble in the balloon.  I’ve heard it will make it move around..we’ll see!

* To finish things off we are going to use our balloons to make chocolate pudding cups.  I found this idea on pinterest as well.  Here is the link

Happy playing!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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