Birthday Ideas

I love spoiling my kids on their birthdays and making them feel the love!!  My son opted for no party, just his favorite friend to come and play Wii at our house and have cake, simple and fun.  I still wanted to make him feel special.  Here are some ways we celebrate in our house.

Birthday Countdown:  My son has been enjoying a birthday countdown that took me about 5 minutes to make but he loves it!  I put the numbers 7-1 on 7 colorful sticky notes on his door.  Each day he wakes up and takes one off.  They are super simple…but things he loves like he gets to pick dinner, or McDonald’s brought to school, extra Wii time (Much coveted by him in our house!!!).  It is an easy way to delight and rejoice in the boy he is.

Balloons: My kids are obsessed with the helium balloons that you see at the grocery store, you know the ones in the shape of Dora or Spiderman?  This year I will be getting one and tying it to his door so when he wakes up, he can be surprised!  I will also be putting balloons in the shape of a 7 on his door for him to enjoy!

Tradition: Breakfast in bed with a birthday tray is a tradition we have.  Each year they choose a breakfast and we wake them up by bringing it into their rooms and singing happy birthday!!!  The tray is filled with small (Target dollar spot) toys.  We all sit around with him and watch him enjoy his breakfast and open his first gifts.

Other Birthday Ideas: I’ve seen people do presents on the hour.  So their child gets a present each hour the day of their birthday.  I do like that idea, but we aren’t giving him that many presents…maybe another year!  We might also do a scavenger hunt for my son’s present this year…since his big present is a new basketball hoop that he can play on!


About mochellysue

I am former kindergarten teacher now a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids! My husband and I have been married for almost ten great years.

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