Number Game

We have been loving the weather!  Spring is here and it feels great.  Here is something my kids and I have enjoyed doing together over spring break.  Draw several squares with sidewalk chalk joined together and number them (we did 1-12).  Inside each square write a number as well as an activity.  Have your kids roll the dice and do what numbers add up to (mini math lesson!!!).  Our kids really enjoyed the suspense of waiting to see what is rolled and playing some games we haven’t played in awhile.  Here are some ideas for what to put in the squares.

1. Play Duck Duck Goose

2. Play a round of croquet or ladder golf

3. Paint rocks

4. Trace your body with sidewalk chalk and label the parts.

5. Take a family bike ride

6. Eat popsicles

7. Play 4-Square

8. Look for signs of spring

9. Play hide and seek or tag

10. Play a basketball game

11. Roller skate

12. Relay races

Happy playing!

Painting Rocks

Not the best picture, but hopefully you can see our grid!


Turning 7!

My first born turned 7…7!  It is hard to believe, but it is true.  I am so thankful for the young man he is and is becoming.  I love my son.  Isaiah is such an amazing kid to be around and parent.  Here is my prayer for him.

God, I pray that Isaiah will always know he is deeply loved by You and by us, his family.  I pray that he will live a life of rich faith and trust in You Lord.  I pray that he will experience deep relationships that honor you and that he would grow in his passion and love for You.  Give him the ability to persevere in hard times and to find joy in life serving You.  Fill him with the generosity, gentleness, joy, wisdom, self-control, hope, faith, peace, patience, faithfulness, and love.  I pray that Your protection would be around his life, physically, emotionally, yes, but even more, spiritually.  Do not let anything draw him away from You and Your truth.  Bless him, use him, guide him.  Give him godly friends and role models that will love and support him.  I am thankful he is my son, what a true blessing he is to my life.  Help me to show that to him daily.



Birthday Ideas

I love spoiling my kids on their birthdays and making them feel the love!!  My son opted for no party, just his favorite friend to come and play Wii at our house and have cake, simple and fun.  I still wanted to make him feel special.  Here are some ways we celebrate in our house.

Birthday Countdown:  My son has been enjoying a birthday countdown that took me about 5 minutes to make but he loves it!  I put the numbers 7-1 on 7 colorful sticky notes on his door.  Each day he wakes up and takes one off.  They are super simple…but things he loves like he gets to pick dinner, or McDonald’s brought to school, extra Wii time (Much coveted by him in our house!!!).  It is an easy way to delight and rejoice in the boy he is.

Balloons: My kids are obsessed with the helium balloons that you see at the grocery store, you know the ones in the shape of Dora or Spiderman?  This year I will be getting one and tying it to his door so when he wakes up, he can be surprised!  I will also be putting balloons in the shape of a 7 on his door for him to enjoy!

Tradition: Breakfast in bed with a birthday tray is a tradition we have.  Each year they choose a breakfast and we wake them up by bringing it into their rooms and singing happy birthday!!!  The tray is filled with small (Target dollar spot) toys.  We all sit around with him and watch him enjoy his breakfast and open his first gifts.

Other Birthday Ideas: I’ve seen people do presents on the hour.  So their child gets a present each hour the day of their birthday.  I do like that idea, but we aren’t giving him that many presents…maybe another year!  We might also do a scavenger hunt for my son’s present this year…since his big present is a new basketball hoop that he can play on!

Cards in the Hat

My kids were off of school for a few extra days (yeah!!) so we came up with some new fun games.  Here is a look at a game that requires no preparation, you just need a deck of cards and a hat (or bowl).  I gave each my kids half the deck and had them stand back and see how many cards they could get it.  Lots of fun!  My daughter got frustrated since she couldn’t get many in so we let her move up.  You could also make it learning by having the kids add up the number cards inside the hat and outside the hat (or even simpler just count the cards).  Easy and fun!  Happy Playing!

Family Fun Friday- Dance

We are going to do some fun activities involving dance, since we love to be active during the cold nights!  Our kids always ask what the theme is for our Family Fun Fridays and really look forward to them.  Here is a look at our night.

* Dance contest: Who can create the coolest new move…you also have to name it:)

* Crazy dance-a-thon: Put on some tune and dance, dance, dance!

* Costumes: Get dressed up and present a special dance

* New Moves: I will teach the kids some of my old moves, could be pretty funny!

* Classics: We will do the YMCA, Twist, Macarena, etc.

* Grab Bag: My kids love things like this.  Pull out of a paper bag a dance type and a music type (2 bags, 1 for type of dance, 1 for music type), then do the moves!

* Dance Tag: Instead of running, dance to get away!


Family Fun Friday-Dr. Suess

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd so that is our theme for our Family Fun Friday!!  We are celebrating by having green eggs and ham for breakfast!  The kids are off of school as well so I have a few extra things we will do during the day.  Here are some ideas of how to celebrate.

* Make our own books.  I will set up a writing station for the kids with paper, pens, stapler, etc. to make their own books, be real authors like Dr. Seuss.

* We will read lots of his books

* We will use our recycling and craft supplies to make our own creature like are in so many of his books (egg cartons, googly eyes, feathers, etc.)

* We will play Horton Hears a Who game

* Freeze red and blue candy fish in blue jello for a fun snack!

* Like Fox in Socks: we will play a game to see who can put on the most pair of socks in 1 minute.

Snowflake Tortilla

This is a really fun snack idea I saw this idea on pinterest and thought we’d do it since it has been snowy and cold here lately.  You need: Tortillas, oven, butter, cinnamon and sugar, and scissors.  Simply give the kids a tortilla and scissors an have them cut it like a snowflake.  Brush it with butter and cinnamon and sugar and bake at 350 for 5 minutes or so!  Super yummy!

Family Fun Friday- Games!

My kids are way into games right now so tonight we are doing a Family Fun Friday involving playing games with a twist! I love our times together the kids chant Family Fun Friday when they go to school, knowing upon pick up the fun begins!! Here is a look at our Friday this week.

Jenga: When you pull out a block you get to choose someone in our family to do an activity (like dance their silliest) or answer a question.

Memory: We will play this with Hershey kisses.  When you get a match, you get to each your kiss!

Twister: Add sight words to the circles and have the kids call them out when they put their hand or foot on them!

Candyland: Play it backwards!

Dress Up Guessing Game

My daughter loves to dress up so today we played a guessing game with her dress up.  She’d dress up and then I’d have to guess who she was…princess, mermaid, a mom, etc!  Then we’d switch and I’d dress up…with what fits me!  This is a fun and simple way to play and have fun with your kids today!


As we begin this season of focus on Christ and His life, death and resurrection, my husband and I were considering what to do with our kids to make it meaningful for them as well.  Our family has decided to add in praise and worship each night with our kids along with our Bible reading and prayer.  Instead of taking something out, we thought we’d add something in.  The kids are really excited about this and it is a great way to prepare them for the praise of Easter!  What does your family do during the season of Lent?