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April Fools!

Now that my kids are older, I thought this year I try some April Fools pranks on them…looking forward to seeing how they respond.  Here are some ideas to make this day fun and exciting for them!

* While they are sleeping draw a mustache on them, make sure it is washable marker!!!  I might be chicken and do it on their feet or arm since we have church that morning… we’ll see.

* Rearrange their drawers.  Move them around and watch them be confused.

* Open a jar of canned fruit and put the fruit into another container and refrigerate.  Rinse the can and fill it up with candy.  Watch as your kids are delighted to open up the can filled with candy!!!! (BE CAREFUL of sharp edges on the cans.)

* I am not doing this one since sleep is far to important to me still but it would be fun to move the clocks ahead and have them awaken in the middle of the night…maybe when they are teenagers?

* I am trying to find a whoopee cushions to put on my sons chair..he would LOVE it!

* I will freeze pennies and right before church, slip them into their shoes!

* Another fun idea might be to turn the volume up really loud on your TV so they kids get surprised…not sure my son would enjoy that:)

* I was thinking for our family we might do a dinner that is a mystery.  I did this in youth group awhile back and it was loads of fun.  Decide the menu and separate each item you’d need for the dinner.  Spaghetti: Needed: sauce, cheese, noodles, fork, cup, milk, brownie, green beans, butter, bread, knife, etc.  Type each item up and make enough copies for each person.  Cut each item apart and have each person draw 3 items at a time.  After drawing the 3 items that is what you get for your first course.  Maybe we’ll get dessert first with an empty cup and a knife…who knows!

What fun ideas do you have planned for your family?


April Fools Day Ideas

We are actually on Spring Break this week, but I wanted to throw out some ideas that kids might enjoy being part of this holiday.

1. Get a small box with a lid, shoe boxes would work well.  Glue the lid on.  Then wrap it up by gluing the wrapping paper on it.  As the recipient tries to open it, hand them an April Fools Day card!

2. Fill a room or closet with balloons

3. Give a drink to your kids using a plastic cup, with their name written on it.  Switch what is inside the cup with a cup with their name on it.  Maybe their milk turned into lemonade?

4. Mix up your menu.  Have breakfast for dinner and dessert for breakfast!

5. Prepare jello and pour into glasses with a straw.  Set them in the fridge until firm.  Offer your kids a cool treat.