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Garden Rocks

Today we got to plant some of our seeds for our garden!  I am really excited about our garden this year as we have lots of space to make it large.  I decided to keep track of what we planted we’d decorate rocks and write the name of each plant on it.  My kids really got into it!  They enjoyed being able to spell the words on their own, choose their marker color, and make it their own.  We just used Sharpies..quick and simple, and now I will know what is growing in my garden.


Chalk Art

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a try.  We made chalk art and then took our pictures with our art.  It was loads of fun to make, even my son enjoyed it!  He made football players and then tackled them!  Here is a look.

The balloons are taking her up to the clouds!

Quiet Bag

1 week ago my daughter broke her collar bone.  Sad!  It actually heals fast, yet all physical activity is out for 4-6 weeks!!!  Sigh.  To keep my daughter still while at home we made her her very own special bag.  I filled the bag with coloring books, puzzles, stickers, markers, books, and other fun things people have sent her to make her feel loved and special while she can’t run and be active.  This would be great for kids that are sick or have a broken bone.  Happy Healing!!!

Easter Week

Easter in our world today a lot of times means eggs, bunnies, and chicks.  These things are fun and entertaining, but this year we are seeking to have our kids remember the true meaning of Easter.  Here is a look at our week of Easter Celebration.

Sunday: Palm Sunday, Jesus is treated like a King as people wave palm branches and lay their coats down so he didn’t  have to walk on the dirty road.  They also shouted Hosanna (Save us).  Today we will be making our own palm branches and talking about how Jesus is the true King!

Monday: Jesus cleans the temple.  This is the day Jesus found people making the house of the Lord a place to make money.  Jesus was upset that they weren’t respecting His Father’s house.  He took out the things that didn’t belong, and cleaned house!  Today we will paint Easter Eggs and get really messy…then show each other how we need Jesus to clean us up, just like he saw dirty things happening and clean house.










Tuesday: Mary pouring perfume of Jesus feet, what a great display of love and adoration Mary showed for Him.  Today my kids and I will make reed diffusers to spread the wonderful smell around our house, see more at  I saw this idea and loved it! (We ended up making Easter cookies instead due to family life, this worked better for us, we talked about the wonderful smell of the cookies baking)








Wednesday: Money Hunt: Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  Today my kids and I will hunt for 30 coins hidden over our house.  Once we find them we will count them and give them to our church!

Thursday: The Last Supper: We are actually going to our church tonight to celebrate Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, with our fellow believers.  We will also participate in communion together.

Friday:Good Friday: Today is the day we will talk about Jesus dying for us on the cross.  He did it out of His deep, unconditional, love for us.  He chose to die for us.  Another idea I saw on impress your kids is to draw a red dot on their hands (representing the nails) and also writing their names above the dot to show he loves Ayla, Isaiah, Michelle, and Trevor.  He died for us.

We will also make our own crown of thorns (saw this idea on Pinterest).  Use a paper lunch sack and fold it down so it looks like a circle/nest.  Glue all over the top, add sticks to it and you are done.

Saturday: We are going to make resurrection rolls (Easy).  Take a large marshmallow (Jesus’ body) dip in melted butter (oil)and roll in cinnamon and sugar(spices).  Roll a crescent roll (tomb) around it and bake.  When they are done the marshmallow (Jesus) is gone!  It is quite yummy too!

Sunday: He is Risen!  We will be at church, celebrating our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I am so thankful for His love and death for me a sinner, who is undeserving, but ever so thankful.  We will also get to spend time with family.

Have a meaningful Easter!

Number Game

We have been loving the weather!  Spring is here and it feels great.  Here is something my kids and I have enjoyed doing together over spring break.  Draw several squares with sidewalk chalk joined together and number them (we did 1-12).  Inside each square write a number as well as an activity.  Have your kids roll the dice and do what numbers add up to (mini math lesson!!!).  Our kids really enjoyed the suspense of waiting to see what is rolled and playing some games we haven’t played in awhile.  Here are some ideas for what to put in the squares.

1. Play Duck Duck Goose

2. Play a round of croquet or ladder golf

3. Paint rocks

4. Trace your body with sidewalk chalk and label the parts.

5. Take a family bike ride

6. Eat popsicles

7. Play 4-Square

8. Look for signs of spring

9. Play hide and seek or tag

10. Play a basketball game

11. Roller skate

12. Relay races

Happy playing!

Painting Rocks

Not the best picture, but hopefully you can see our grid!

Family Fun Friday: Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day coming I thought chocolate would be a great theme…plus I am always up for sweets!  Here are some things we will be doing with chocolate.

* Hot chocolate bar: hot chocolate with add in’s like crushed peppermint, caramel, whipped cream, and lots of marshmallows!

* Chocolate taste test: Give them several different pieces of chocolate and have them determine their favorite

* Paint with chocolate pudding

* We will also play hide the Hershey’s Kiss, like hide and seek

* Break a Hershey bar into pieces and put it together like a puzzle

* Stack the thin mint cookies:  See who can build the tallest tower

* Fondue is on the list too, we will dip fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, chips, etc.

I have a feeling after this night we will need lots of healthy foods, and playtime in the yard!

Welcoming Daddy Home

My husband was gone on a birthday trip so my daughter and I decided to make a banner greeting him when he arrived.  It was a great way to work on her writing, and to let her Dad know he was missed!

Family Fun Friday- Popcorn

January 19th was national popcorn day, who knew?  I LOVE popcorn!  I am so thankful I have passed my love for this along to my kids.  Tonight we will be doing many activities involving this yummy snack!  Here is a look.

* We are going to make popcorn in a bag, saw it on pinterest and love the idea.  Here is the link

I actually wouldn't do this again. About half the popcorn popped, some burned, and no oil so it was really dry!













* We are going to use that popcorn to make a popcorn cake, another pinterest idea.  Here is the link

* We are going to sample popcorn with different toppings.  Carmel, butter, plain, salt, cheese, etc. (Shocker we prefer butter and salt!)

* We are going to be popcorn, think jumping and moving…getting lots of energy out!

* We will use a straw and race popcorn off the table by blowing them to the finish line.

This was really fun, both my kids loved getting to blow it across the table!











* We will use it for art.  I am planning on letting them self direct this one.  I will put out string, paper, glue, glitter, etc, and let them make popcorn art.

We made a popcorn tree by drawing it and then colorig the popcorn like apple blossoms!













* We will also make Kool Aid popcorn here is the link

* We will end with movie and popcorn!  Yum!

What do you like to do with your family on the weekends?

Family Fun Friday- Marbles

I look so forward to our family fun Fridays!  My kids and I even sing a song about them we get so excited!  Love it!  So we are going to be doing some fun family games and activities involving marbles.  Here are some things we will be up to.









* We are going to bake them in the oven at 500 for 20 minutes and then put them immediately into cold water to see them become cracked and very pretty!

* We are going to paint with marbles.  Put a piece of paper the size of a shoe box flat into a shoe box.  Then squirt a bit of paint onto the paper and roll the marble around in it!

* We will make a circle out of tape on the carpet and each put in 5 marbles.  Then we will take turns being the shooter and trying to get the other people’s marbles out of the circle.








* We will also use an egg carton and try to roll the marble into the cracks.  Each crack will be worth a certain amount of points.  The player with the most points wins!

My kids actually enjoyed this game and did really well at it!










* We are going to reach into a bag to pull out a marble and depending on the color we will have to do certain things.  Each color is assigned to a person in my family.  So if you pull out a yellow marble, that is my color.  I might have you sing the ABC song or run up and down the stairs 5 times!

We got pretty creative and it was a great way to burn off excess energy! My son had to climb our stairs 30 times!




















* We will also do a marble roll tunnel.  Make a tunnel out of cardboard and cut slots to allow the marble to roll through it.  See who can get the most through the slots.

* We will also make a marble run out of cereal boxes and cardboard tubes!

* We will race our marbles down a cut up pool noodle!

Some of these ideas came from pinterest on a mom blog.  Here is the link

Pictures coming soon!

Foil Drawings

Oh how my kids love to draw!  So much fun for them to create.  We have checked out drawing books from the library, and drawn on many different types of surfaces.  Today we decided to draw on foil using sharpies (an idea I used from pinterest).  I tore squares for my kids and let them free draw.  The only advice I have would be to put newspaper underneath so that none ends up on your table since the foil can be a little thin!  It might also be fun to create a theme like make Christmas pictures, family members, animals, etc.