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Earth Day

We wanted to celebrate Earth day in our house. There are so many great ways to encourage children to care for our world. Here is what we did.

1. We read some great books, including Fancy Nancy Everyday is Earth Day book (Ayla’s favorite) by Jane O’Connor. It was very cute, explaining that Earth Day is a holiday for our earth, but we should care for it daily.  We also read Recycle by Gail Gibbons, she writes the best nonfiction books out there!  I found a couple other books that we picked a few ideas out of, but my kids were a little young to understand a lot of the book itself.

2. We collected trash around our neighborhood. We put on gloves and brought a plastic bag with us on the way to the park and picked up trash. The kids were surprised at how much there was.

3. Recycled broken crayons, but melting them in the oven and using them in a new way. You can do this in muffin tins or we have number and letter molds we used.

4. Reusing the grocery ads that are in the paper by making menus at a restaurant or your own grocery store add. Simply cut the pictures of foods out and glue them on a piece of paper. Add a price and your all set!  (We are doing this one, tomorrow, so no pictures yet!)

5. Also going through your trash and seeing what you can create, toilet paper rolls into aliens, egg cartons into spring flowers!

Let me know your ideas for Earth Day!