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Easter Week

Easter in our world today a lot of times means eggs, bunnies, and chicks.  These things are fun and entertaining, but this year we are seeking to have our kids remember the true meaning of Easter.  Here is a look at our week of Easter Celebration.

Sunday: Palm Sunday, Jesus is treated like a King as people wave palm branches and lay their coats down so he didn’t  have to walk on the dirty road.  They also shouted Hosanna (Save us).  Today we will be making our own palm branches and talking about how Jesus is the true King!

Monday: Jesus cleans the temple.  This is the day Jesus found people making the house of the Lord a place to make money.  Jesus was upset that they weren’t respecting His Father’s house.  He took out the things that didn’t belong, and cleaned house!  Today we will paint Easter Eggs and get really messy…then show each other how we need Jesus to clean us up, just like he saw dirty things happening and clean house.










Tuesday: Mary pouring perfume of Jesus feet, what a great display of love and adoration Mary showed for Him.  Today my kids and I will make reed diffusers to spread the wonderful smell around our house, see more at  I saw this idea and loved it! (We ended up making Easter cookies instead due to family life, this worked better for us, we talked about the wonderful smell of the cookies baking)








Wednesday: Money Hunt: Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  Today my kids and I will hunt for 30 coins hidden over our house.  Once we find them we will count them and give them to our church!

Thursday: The Last Supper: We are actually going to our church tonight to celebrate Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, with our fellow believers.  We will also participate in communion together.

Friday:Good Friday: Today is the day we will talk about Jesus dying for us on the cross.  He did it out of His deep, unconditional, love for us.  He chose to die for us.  Another idea I saw on impress your kids is to draw a red dot on their hands (representing the nails) and also writing their names above the dot to show he loves Ayla, Isaiah, Michelle, and Trevor.  He died for us.

We will also make our own crown of thorns (saw this idea on Pinterest).  Use a paper lunch sack and fold it down so it looks like a circle/nest.  Glue all over the top, add sticks to it and you are done.

Saturday: We are going to make resurrection rolls (Easy).  Take a large marshmallow (Jesus’ body) dip in melted butter (oil)and roll in cinnamon and sugar(spices).  Roll a crescent roll (tomb) around it and bake.  When they are done the marshmallow (Jesus) is gone!  It is quite yummy too!

Sunday: He is Risen!  We will be at church, celebrating our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I am so thankful for His love and death for me a sinner, who is undeserving, but ever so thankful.  We will also get to spend time with family.

Have a meaningful Easter!



As we begin this season of focus on Christ and His life, death and resurrection, my husband and I were considering what to do with our kids to make it meaningful for them as well.  Our family has decided to add in praise and worship each night with our kids along with our Bible reading and prayer.  Instead of taking something out, we thought we’d add something in.  The kids are really excited about this and it is a great way to prepare them for the praise of Easter!  What does your family do during the season of Lent?

All That Candy

I thought Halloween was crazy, but Easter turned out to be just as bad with the candy.  Our kids are loving it, but I have been trying to get rid of it and use it up.  Here are some ideas to do with your candy.

* Counting, sorting, graphing, writing numbers for how many of each kind.

* Blind taste test and see if you can describe the candy you are given.

* Cook with it: Add the candy to your favorite recipies.

* Fill a pinata

* Donate it to a shelter/church/school

* Mix it: Make up your own kind of new candy by mixing several together

* Dissolve it in water and see what happens: works well with Jelly beans and M&M’s.

* Put it in the sun: see which one melts fastest.

* S’mores: Use the peeps and any chocolate candy with the graham crackers

* Gluing: Make a candy picture…you need glue and any kind of candy, sampling allowed.

* Measuring: How many candy bars fit into the bucket?

*Weighing: How many jelly beans does it take to weigh the same as 1 cadbury egg?

* Toss: Jelly bean toss into a bucket.

* Race: Blow M&M’s across the finish line with a straw.

* Character Making: use the candy to make your child’s favorite super hero, animal , etc.

Resurrection Rolls

I saw this idea while I was blog hopping one day and loved it…unfortunately I cannot give credit to this blog because I cannot remember where I found it!  Anyway here is a kid friendly was to make the resurrection stick with them.

You need:

Marshmallows (large)

Crescent rolls

melted butter

cinnamon and sugar mix

The marshmallow is Jesus’ body.  First talk about how Jesus died and how when he died they put oil and spices on him to preserve His body (butter and cinnamon sugar mix).  Have your child roll the marshmallow into the butter and spices.  Then talk about how they then put his body into a tomb with a rock in front of it to seal it up.  So put the marshmallow (Jesus’ body) onto the crescent roll and roll it up.  Make sure it is sealed good so nothing leaks out.  Bake them according to the package.  When they come out open up the pocket and see what is inside.  Nothing!  He is risen!  I know this is sort of cheesy, but with my kids it stuck with them how amazing it is that He was gone.

Jelly Bean Taste Test

I got a package of Jelly Belly beans awhile back on sale, knowing that Easter was coming and maybe I’d put some in our kids Easter Eggs/basket.  Then I thought maybe there would be some they might not enjoy like Buttered Popcorn, Coconut, Pomegranate, Cappuccino, so maybe we should do a taste test first.  I made a sheet with all the flavors on them and then gave them each a pencil and a napkin (just in case).  Ayla circled the ones she liked and Isaiah wrote yes, no, awesome, etc. next to his.  The kids loved this and we even talked about what kind of jelly bean we’d create if we could.  I decided pickle could be interesting (although I don’t know who’d eat it) and my kids liked the idea of making a rainbow one that combines all the flavors.  It was great practice with writing for Isaiah and just plain fun!

Easter Egg Cookies

Sorry I have been so bad at blogging lately!  Things in our household are crazy busy with job hunting, school nearing the end, family visiting, etc.  Here are some great cookies my kids made with my mom while she was here.  Everyone who has eaten them is asking for the recipe they are that good!  Here is how to make them.

Sugar cookies:

1 cup butter, softened           3/4 cup sugar          1 30z. pkg. cream cheese softened

1 t. vanilla                                1 egg                          3 cups flour

Combine all ingredients except flour.  Beat until creamy.  Add flour beat on low.  Divide into 2 equal portions, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm (at least 2 hours).  Roll dough and cut with egg shaped cookie cutters.  Bake at 375 for 7-10 minutes cool and add frosting. For our frosting I just added butter, some powdered sugar, a splash of milk, and a little vanilla.

Place colorful sugar on a plate in horizontal lines.  Top line blue, next line red, next line yellow, etc.  Flip frosted cookie on top of lines of sugar and gently press down.  Add more colorful sugar to the plate as needed.  Try to eat only one!


In the past my husband and I have given something up for Lent to share in the suffering of Christ.  We have given up Starbucks, TV, sweets, etc.  Instead of giving something up this year, our family decided to spend the season of Lent focused on memorizing scripture.  By studying God’s word we are drawn deeper into our relationship with Him.  We are seeking to memorize passages from the book of 1 John.  This week here is our focus.

1 John 1

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and with our hands, which we have touched- this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.”

To help our kids memorize scripture we are doing actions, saying it by repeating after each other, also trying to say it on a daily basis.

What does your family do during the season of Lent?