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I saw this on the chick fil A’s website and thought we’d give it a try!  Sounds fun to me.

15 minutes flies by when you break it into action-packed, 60-second morsels.
Have the whole family do each of the following 15 activities for one minute. A minute goes by
fast so you might have to break a sweat as a family.
You’ll need one member of the family to watch the clock and yell out “Switch!” and then call the
next activity.

Minute Action!
1:00 Act like opera-singing cows
2:00 Go !nd the biggest thing you can that’s blue
3:00 Hug each other
4:00 Make a funny face and hold it
5:00 See who can jump the highest
6:00 Talk about all the places you want to visit around the world
7:00 Pretend you’re being chased by a swarm of bees
8:00 Tell your best knock-knock jokes
9:00 Eat something weird out of the fridge
10:00 Pillow !ght!
11:00 Draw a picture of a robot unicorn
12:00 Go put on your favorite pair of shoes
13:00 Dance…dance…dance…in your favorite pair of shoes
14:00 Share your favorite holiday memory
15:00 Create a secret handshake

You could also have your family brainstorm the ideas and then draw them out of a hat to see what they should do.

Happy Playing!