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Turkey Present for the Teacher

To show our gratitude to our kids teachers we made a simple turkey out of a paper lunch bag that was filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Yummy! You need:

Paper lunch bag, something to fill it with (newspaper would work too, although treats are more fun), plastic spoon, googly eyes, construction paper in a variety of colors, stapler or tape, glue, a rubber band and brown paint.

We first wrapped our cookies in plastic wrap and put them into the sack.  Next we rubber band the plastic spoon to the opening of the bag with the part you eat on facing up.  We painted the spoon brown.  While that was drying we cut out several different colors of feathers and a beak.  Once it was dry we stapled the feathers to the back of the bag, glued on the beak and eyes and wrote a little note on the side about being thankful for them.  It was very easy and I had all the supplies on hand.  Another way to show our gratitude for our fabulous teachers!

This craft can easily be modified to fit different occasions.  You could do it on the first day of school and paint it into an apple filled with yummy treats, a pumpkin near Halloween, even a Christmas tree!



We saw some clay on sale so decided to put it to use the other day.  I am a fan of this, it is great for the kids to create with, but then it hardens and you can paint it and keep it out for awhile.  There are so many possibilities too, gifts for grandparents, teachers, Dads, they could make something they are really in to at the moment, or even hand prints or prints with leaves!  We made sculptures.  Here is a look, happy playing!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, so here are some ideas to make for grandma or even for yourself!

* Interview about Mom: This could be made into a book or poem, something simple. Examples might include:  My mom likes, My mom is, My mom does, My mom wears, My mom enjoys, My mom laughs when, My mom is silly when, My mom doesn’t enjoy, etc.  It is pretty funny to hear what they think of you!

* Make a homemade treat, such as cookies or breads and have the kids help.  You could even put together a cookbook of your kids making your mom’s, or MIL, favorite family recipes, be sure to include a picture.

* We have made picture flowers in the past.  Simply cut out a flower design (I traced a cookie cutter we had), attach it to a pipecleaner, for the stem, and put a small picture of your child’s face in the middle of the flower.  These are great they keep forever, and grandmas LOVE them!

* My kids have also made aprons for their grandma’s.  Get a plain apron (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Wal-Mart), paint the kids hands as flowers, have them draw stems, and add ladybug fingerprints around the side.  (This is what my kids are making for me this year!)

* also has a you and me book that I love!  It is basically a book that is about your child and the recipient: I have blue eyes, You have green eyes.  I like soccer, You like football, etc.  The kids draw pictures on each page.  I think that is super cute…I will be using this idea in the future.

* We have also given the ladies in our family magnets of our kids.  Since we live far away, they can have them on the fridge instead of regular magnets and see their grandkids each day!  Just cut out pictures and add magnetic tape to the back.

What are you making for Mother’s Day?  Happy Creating!