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Family Fun Friday-Candy

With our plethora of Halloween candy I thought it would be appropriate to do a night involving candy!  Tonight we will be indulging in candy.  Here are some activities we will be doing.

Playing Candy Land

I will set up an estimation jar with M&M’s in it.  Guess how many are in the jar.

My daughter guessed 13 and laughed when my son said 200. There were 183. Maybe she needs more work on estimation!

Charades with acting out a type of candy.

Guess the candy bar.  We will sample some and see if we can guess what it is.

What I learned from this was my kids are serious unaware of the names of candy bars. Maybe because they have mostly eaten M&M's. I have a feeling after we go through the candy bag, that will change.

Candy experiments.

1. Putting candy on a foil lined cookie sheet to see what will melt and what will not.

We guessed all the chocolate would melt, and my daughter also guessed the sweet tart would as well.

Suprisingly the sweet tart melted, but the tootsie roll was the fastest. Hmmm.

2. See which candy bars sink and which ones float.

The only thing that floated was a 3 Musketeers, since it has marshmallows and they let it air, it floated.

Measuring with skittles.


Halloween Happy Not Haunted Houses

My son had a playdate over our break and wanted to do something special for a snack with his friend.  We decided to make Halloween houses with crackers, peanut butter, and of course, candy for decorations.  This could be fun any time of the year.  We also like to do the same thing with graham crackers and icing around Christmas.  I love the way the kids made gummy worm sidewalks, and even a marshmallow chimney!  Very creative.

Easy Pinata

Every year we do a big Halloween event at our church that includes indoor trick or treating, games, food, crafts, and of course lots of candy!  This year to make it even more fun for the kids I made three pinatas.  They were not anything amazing, but it was easy to make and the kids, of course, loved it!

This might be a great way to use your abundant candy.  Here is what you need.  Paper grocery bag, candy, paint, construction paper, glue, and a stapler.  I first painted one side of the paper bag orange.  Then after it was dried I cut (you could paint) black construction paper into eyes, nose and a mouth and glued them on.  After that was dried I filled it about 1/4 full of candy, so it wouldn’t be too heavy.  Then I stapled it shut.  I think it took me about half hour maybe.  I might save some of our candy and fill a pinata for my kids on their birthdays!  It would be fun to have the kids paint and design their own too.

You’ve Been Boo-ed!

We love being in our new neighborhood, and really value relationships with our neighbors.  This year we decided to Boo our neighbors!  It is a simple way to spread Halloween spirit.  Collect a basket of candy for your neighbors. Go to and print off the sheet we’ve been booed.  Put the sheet in the candy basket and secretly ring the doorbell of one of your neighbors and run away!  This was our kids favorite part, being sneaky.  So far several other neighbors have participated, lots of fun!  We’ve even been Boo-ed back!

Sensory Tub

I am convinced my kids are still young enough to enjoy sensory bins!  At 6 and 5 they still love them.  For a fun Halloween bin I put dried beans, balls that look like eye balls (my son LOVED this!), orange lentils, spider rings and acorns into a giant bin and let them explore.  I also added measuring cups, spoons and bowls.  My kids liked to pretend they were making spider soup and other disgusting interesting things.  Happy Playing!

Ayla made a cupcake shop while Isaiah mixed secret stew!

Family Fun Friday-Pumpkins

We had another Family Fun Friday and the theme of course, was pumpkins!  Although we had gone to a pumpkin farm and picked pumpkins, we still hadn’t made the time to carve them yet so here is what we were up to on Friday.

Carving our pumpkins.  Each kid drew what they wanted with permanent marker on their pumpkin and then we cut them out.  We dug out the seeds.  Mostly my husband and I since our children apparently have a phobia of the insides of a pumpkin.

Washed the seeds and baked them.  Oh so yummy!  Maybe because it is only once a year I get to eat these wonderful tasty things, but they were delicious!  We washed them, dried them, sprinkled them with olive oil and salt and then baked them for 15 minutes at 350.  My kids couldn’t get enough.  I cut them off at their third helping!

Hide the pumpkin.  We took turns hiding the mini pumpkin in our house and telling each other hot or cold as we looked for it.

Pumpkin penny game.  The kids got a plastic pumpkin that we took turns throwing pennies into.  My son who is very competitive loved this game.

We also made pumpkin bread.  I forgot to add the eggs…all 12 that were required for my 6 loaves, but thankfully it still turned out!

We played a matching pumpkin game that my kids got through Highlights High Five magazine.  You could make it easily with cardstock.  Just draw two of the following, happy, sad, scary, cat, night pumpkin, etc.

I also had planned for the kids to paint glass jars orange to look like jack-o-lanterns but we ran out of time.

I am loving our Friday traditions of spending time together!


Playdoh Monsters

My kids have been really into playdoh lately (I confess, I love it to), so we decided to make some playdoh monsters in honor of Halloween.  I gave them each a tub and set out pipecleaners, googley eyes, dyed noodles and let them create.  Here is a look.

Ideas for Halloween Candy

Maybe it’s because we have it in abundance, but I thought I’d share some ideas of what to do with all the Halloween candy your children have collected.  Here is what we are planning on doing with ours:

* Make a graph

* Count and sort

* Take a taste test comparing different kinds

* Use a sour kind of candy (sour patch kids, skittles, lemonheads, nerds, etc.) and dissolve in 1/2 cup water.  Add baking soda and watch it bubble. We did this and used lemonheads and sweetarts.  The kids LOVED it!

* Skittles rainbow

* Survey: Do you like Snickers? Yes No.  This is a great way to work on tallying and even graphing.  Plus you have to taste test and that is loads of fun!

* There are lots of recipes that use candy in them.  Add M&M’s to rice Krispie treats or cookies, use PB cups to top brownies or cupcakes, heath bar makes a great topping on cake too!

* Estimation: How many candy bars fit into a cup? A small bucket?  What about smaller candy (will more or less fit)?

* Use Tootsie rolls and toothpicks to build sculptures or shapes.

* Guess the candy bar.  Give your kids a sample with their eyes closed and allow them to taste and see if they can guess the candy.

* Make M&M patterns

* If you have a child’s birthday coming up, you could use it to fill a pinata… not sure I could get away with it, but I thought that could be useful.

* See if your candy sinks or floats.

Halloween Candy Graph

I anticipated my kids getting quite a bit of candy, since I knew we would be at our church Halloween festival for about 3 hours.  I did not anticipate 409 pieces of candy!  Even for a sugary sweet tooth like me, that is a lot of candy!  We decided to do several activities around our candy.  First one we did was sort and graph our candy and then count it and add it all up.  This was a great math activity that involved sorting, counting, estimating, graphing, comparing more and less and equal, writing numbers, adding, etc.  Here is a look. Also we did this at 8 am the next morning…waiting to the afternoon might have been smarter so we could indulge some!

Yummy Spiders

Now that Halloween is in full swing, the kids worked their sweet magic and convinced me to make edible spiders with them.  We used Oreos, Tootsie rolls, icing, and M&M’s.  They looked good and tasted even better!