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Cards in the Hat

My kids were off of school for a few extra days (yeah!!) so we came up with some new fun games.  Here is a look at a game that requires no preparation, you just need a deck of cards and a hat (or bowl).  I gave each my kids half the deck and had them stand back and see how many cards they could get it.  Lots of fun!  My daughter got frustrated since she couldn’t get many in so we let her move up.  You could also make it learning by having the kids add up the number cards inside the hat and outside the hat (or even simpler just count the cards).  Easy and fun!  Happy Playing!


Penny and Dice Game

My kids and I played this game and had a lot of fun with it the other day.  Here is how you play.

Divide coins up so each person has 10 (we used pennies).

Put the coin jar in the middle.

Have the each person predict the number that will be rolled (1-6) then have the first person roll the die.  Whoever is right puts their penny into the join jar.

The object is to get rid of all your pennies.

You could also do this like an adding game with more than one die or use a homemade die with sight words and have the kids practice reading them.  I love how I can sneak learning into game for them!

3 Dice Game

This is my son’s new favorite game.  I made it up to help with my daughter’s addition skills and counting on.  Here is how you play.

Get three dice and a piece of paper and a pen for each person.

First person rolls the dice, chooses the biggest number and saves that die.  Then they roll the other two dice.  Save the largest number again, and roll the last die.  Add all three numbers together and write them on your sheet of paper.  Next person goes.  The person who gets to 100 (or 25o if you’re my son) wins!

Happy Playing and learning!

Circle Art

Isaiah is really into drawing lately.  Today we did some circle art.  It is fun and quick.  Each person picks a color of marker.  Alternate making designs in the shape of a circle. This would be cute for a thank you note design, homemade wrapping paper, or just to hang on the fridge.  How do you inspire creativity in your child through art?

We did several in one day, and I love how this allows for creativity!

Sensory Tub

I am convinced my kids are still young enough to enjoy sensory bins!  At 6 and 5 they still love them.  For a fun Halloween bin I put dried beans, balls that look like eye balls (my son LOVED this!), orange lentils, spider rings and acorns into a giant bin and let them explore.  I also added measuring cups, spoons and bowls.  My kids liked to pretend they were making spider soup and other disgusting interesting things.  Happy Playing!

Ayla made a cupcake shop while Isaiah mixed secret stew!

Family Fun Friday- Backwards

Tonight we will do things backwards.  I am a rule follower, but every once in awhile I like to switch it up.  Here is a look at what we’ll be doing.  I think the kids will love it!

We will eat under the table (breakfast for dinner), we will also start with dessert!

We made brownies with whipped cream and crushed oreos. They are called Boo treats as they look like ghosts!

We will see how many things we can do backwards: walk, skip, jump, hop, etc.

Gallopping backwards was the hardest!

Wear our pajamas

Backward Jokes:
· What vehicle is spelled the same backwards and forward? Racecar
· What has four legs and goes “oom-oom” answer: A cow walking backwards
· Forwards it is heavy, backwards it is not. What is it? Answer: A ton.

Count backwards from 100

Sing the alphabet backwards

Write their name backwards and show it in the mirror

Read a book backwards (This made my son giggle a lot!)

Lay under the table and draw a picture on paper taped under the table.

This was a challenge but fun!


For fun today I had my daughter do some measuring of herself.  I had her find something longer than her, about the same size, and shorter than her.  She drew a picture for each one.  I love to have my kids measure with nonstandard items like legos, barbies, etc.  She had fun learning!

Sorting the Grocery Bags

Today as I was unpacking some of the grocery bags I decided to have my daughter help.  As we unpacked the grocery items I had her sort them.  I didn’t tell her how but let her choose.  I love her ideas.  Color and size were the first two she did.  I asked her how else she could sort and she did it by what you could eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.  Then again she grouped it into food groups.  So smart!  This is a great way to keep even little ones entertained while you put things away.

Circle Art

I gave my daughter many circle things the other day and had her create some art.  I just pulled out things from around the house so she could make a creative picture with this.  She had cheerios, stickers that were soccer and baseball, noodles, pom poms, caps, etc.  Basically anything I could find!  She glued on down to make the head and then added the body.  She used the soccer one as a soccer ball in a game and the pom pom was part of a caterpillar…I love the things they come up with.


Number Orders

My daughter and I played this fun game her kindergarten teacher sent home the other day.  It would be easy to make and it help kids learn before, after, etc. as well as their number order and counting.

Get 11 film canisters or any other small containers.  Number them 0-10 with permanent marker on the top.

Have one person put a button in one of the containers while the other person hides their eyes.

Once the button is hidden the person guessing asks questions like, “Is it in number three.”  The hider then has to answer them by saying no it is after, before, or it is an even number, etc.

I love that this develops math language and number sense!  Happy playing and learning:)