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New Moves

Due to my kids sock hop, they are really interested in learning new dances, so lately we have been teaching them some of our favorites new songs.  they include YMCA, the Chicken Dance, Maccarena, electric slide, I have also thrown in some moves from the 80’s like the snack, Rodger Rabbit, etc.

Sorry it's so blurry, can't get her to stand still!


Good Music

About a year ago I got my kids this CD and it has recently resurfaced as a favorite of ours.  It is called Shout the Word.  It is scriptures put to upbeat, actually good music, and my kids love it (and I have to confess, if I picked a favorite CD right now, it would be this one).  My kids walk around singing it.  I think it is a great way for them to hide scripture in their heart!