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Number Game

We have been loving the weather!  Spring is here and it feels great.  Here is something my kids and I have enjoyed doing together over spring break.  Draw several squares with sidewalk chalk joined together and number them (we did 1-12).  Inside each square write a number as well as an activity.  Have your kids roll the dice and do what numbers add up to (mini math lesson!!!).  Our kids really enjoyed the suspense of waiting to see what is rolled and playing some games we haven’t played in awhile.  Here are some ideas for what to put in the squares.

1. Play Duck Duck Goose

2. Play a round of croquet or ladder golf

3. Paint rocks

4. Trace your body with sidewalk chalk and label the parts.

5. Take a family bike ride

6. Eat popsicles

7. Play 4-Square

8. Look for signs of spring

9. Play hide and seek or tag

10. Play a basketball game

11. Roller skate

12. Relay races

Happy playing!

Painting Rocks

Not the best picture, but hopefully you can see our grid!


Foot Painting

My daughter loves to paint, so today her and I took off our socks and painted with our feet!  What a great memory…my kids have done this in the past but it has been awhile.  We really enjoyed this time together though dancing and painting with our feet, mixing colors and laughing a lot!  I put down a big piece of butcher paper.  I put paper plates full of different colors of paint around it and we stepped on the plate with paint and then onto the paper!  We made several different paintings, since it was so much fun!  Here is a look.

We rolled up the pants and got started!


Starting slow at first


We got the paper covered really fast!!


Welcoming Daddy Home

My husband was gone on a birthday trip so my daughter and I decided to make a banner greeting him when he arrived.  It was a great way to work on her writing, and to let her Dad know he was missed!


My daughter loves to paint.  My son does some, but truly she is the one who engages in it more.  Today I found a way for them both to be engaged.  I got out a large sheet of butcher paper and  some paint and let them create.  I think because it was such a large sheet of paper, and something different, they both really got into it and painted for a good half hour or more!  Just reminded me that changing something slightly, like the size of the paper, is really fun for kids.

Easy Pinata

Every year we do a big Halloween event at our church that includes indoor trick or treating, games, food, crafts, and of course lots of candy!  This year to make it even more fun for the kids I made three pinatas.  They were not anything amazing, but it was easy to make and the kids, of course, loved it!

This might be a great way to use your abundant candy.  Here is what you need.  Paper grocery bag, candy, paint, construction paper, glue, and a stapler.  I first painted one side of the paper bag orange.  Then after it was dried I cut (you could paint) black construction paper into eyes, nose and a mouth and glued them on.  After that was dried I filled it about 1/4 full of candy, so it wouldn’t be too heavy.  Then I stapled it shut.  I think it took me about half hour maybe.  I might save some of our candy and fill a pinata for my kids on their birthdays!  It would be fun to have the kids paint and design their own too.

Kool Aid Painting

What kid doesn’t love kool aid?  It takes me back to my days as a kid, green is my personal favorite.  We decided to paint in a new way using the kool aid.  All we did was add a small amount of water to each package and instant paint!  Plus it smells good.  Have fun creating!


I had all the best intentions of doing this with my kids when it was warm, but time got away from me, and we just got around to it.  It was actually quite easy to make the pinata.  I went to the family fun website to get the recipe for making paper mache.  Here is the link,  Here is how we did it.

Day 1 We blew up our balloons, cut strips of newspaper, and made the paper mache.  We used a shallow pan to dip the newspaper in the then wiped it off with our fingers before putting it onto the balloon.  Here is the difference in my kids. Isaiah did not want to get messy, so I ended up getting the extra “goop”, as he called it, off the newspaper, and he put it on.  While Ayla played in the goop and loved getting messy!

Day 2  Waiting for it to dry.  My daughter had so much goop we needed another day to dry.

Day 3 We popped the balloon and pulled it out and then painted the outer shell.  Ayla went for making a pig, while Isaiah decided on a soccer ball.  They turned out great, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Day 4 Thanksgiving We had a bunch of friends over so we filled them with candy, and taped the end shut, then took turns hitting them!  Lots of great memories and fun.

Decorating for Fall

We thought it would be fun to decorate our windows for fall, so the kids and I decided to paint leaves.  This was spur of the moment, yet very fun and easy!  We cut up a paper bag I had from the grocery in the shape of leaves, painted them with sponges and, after they were dried, taped them to the windows to display them.  Here is a look.

A New Way to Paint

We decided to use spray bottles to paint outside today, I wasn’t sure how it would go, but it turned out great and was a lot of fun.  I used a spray bottle we had, added some washable paint and then some water.  We took large sheets of butcher paper outside and the kids had a lot of fun!


Oh how my daughter loves to paint!  Most mornings she wakes up and heads to the playroom right after breakfast and declares, “I’m ready to paint.”  Today she painted a beautiful picture for her brother of the mountains, I love her imagination.  While she is painting we talk about what colors mix together and make other colors, how she might be a famous illustrator or artist someday, or I just watch her create.  It is almost as if she goes into her own little world as she paints.  Yes, it is messy.  The messier the better, in her opinion anyway.  We like to change things up as we paint, so sometimes we paint on rocks, outside with water on the fence or deck, large butcher paper, cardboard boxes, cards, etc.  We also like to use a variety of things to paint with.  Our favorites include: finger paint, squeeze paint, paint with glitter in it, bathtub paint, dot painters, color wonders finger paint, window chalk (like paint on the window available at Target!), and even pudding!  We mix up the tools as well.  Sometimes it is our fingers, paint brushes, sponges, toothbrushes, toothpicks, apples, potatoes, corn on the cob, Q-tips, cotton balls…endless possibilities!  It really is a lot of fun for her and me.  I look forward to hearing your ideas for painting!  Thanks for reading.