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Backyard Camping

We had a wonderful spring break!  Truly so much fun to get to spend lots of low key time at home with my kids, how I’ve missed that!!  To end our week of fun we decided to camp in the backyard (but not sleep all night due to the rough sleep my husband has had and the colder temperatures at night).  We My husband set up the tent in our backyard, we brought out pillows and blankets and enjoyed our pretend camp.  We had fun tent wrestling, going on a hike around our backyard, collecting sticks for our fire (in our fire pit), star and moon gazing, looking for signs of wildlife,  and roasting s’mores.  It truly was a fun memory for our family, next time we might even spend the whole night outside (when the weather warms).  Here is a look.


Dress Up Guessing Game

My daughter loves to dress up so today we played a guessing game with her dress up.  She’d dress up and then I’d have to guess who she was…princess, mermaid, a mom, etc!  Then we’d switch and I’d dress up…with what fits me!  This is a fun and simple way to play and have fun with your kids today!

Family Fun Friday- Popcorn

January 19th was national popcorn day, who knew?  I LOVE popcorn!  I am so thankful I have passed my love for this along to my kids.  Tonight we will be doing many activities involving this yummy snack!  Here is a look.

* We are going to make popcorn in a bag, saw it on pinterest and love the idea.  Here is the link

I actually wouldn't do this again. About half the popcorn popped, some burned, and no oil so it was really dry!













* We are going to use that popcorn to make a popcorn cake, another pinterest idea.  Here is the link

* We are going to sample popcorn with different toppings.  Carmel, butter, plain, salt, cheese, etc. (Shocker we prefer butter and salt!)

* We are going to be popcorn, think jumping and moving…getting lots of energy out!

* We will use a straw and race popcorn off the table by blowing them to the finish line.

This was really fun, both my kids loved getting to blow it across the table!











* We will use it for art.  I am planning on letting them self direct this one.  I will put out string, paper, glue, glitter, etc, and let them make popcorn art.

We made a popcorn tree by drawing it and then colorig the popcorn like apple blossoms!













* We will also make Kool Aid popcorn here is the link

* We will end with movie and popcorn!  Yum!

What do you like to do with your family on the weekends?

Family Fun Friday- Balloons

We did our family fun night on Sunday this week due to our schedule, but here is a look at our theme.

* Balancing them on a fly swatter.  See who can balance and bounce the longest.

* Volleyball with balloons!  We will move our furniture out of the way, put up a rope as a net and play some fun volleyball.

Tried to teach my son the rules for volleyball and that bikefired! He totally was the rule police after that:)

* Decorate them with permanent markers, make silly faces!  We might use stickers too.

* It is bath night so we might put balloons in the tub (first time for this).  My daughter loved this!  I did have to say no throwing water balloons at the ceiling as she was trying to use the ceiling to pop them!

* Tie a string around the balloon and use a thumb tack to hold it to the ceiling and let the kids battle the balloon.

* Put different items in the balloons and have the kids shake them and guess what they are.

I stumped my daughter when I put a crayon in it. She couldn't figure out the sound. I put rice and a bell in them too, those were the easier ones!

* Glow sticks in the balloons would be fun too.  Saw this on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a try!

* I will hide small treasures in the balloons for my kids to find when they pop them (like a piece of gum, a tattoo, a coupon for a no clean up pass, etc.)

My son sat and bounced on it over and over again! This was one of our favorite things!

* We will try to stomp each others balloons.  Tie a string (1 1/2 to 2 feet) around the balloon and then around the persons ankle.  One per person.  Then try to stomp and pop the other persons balloon.  This could get crazy!!!

* We will also play can’t touch the ground but put a small marble in the balloon.  I’ve heard it will make it move around..we’ll see!

* To finish things off we are going to use our balloons to make chocolate pudding cups.  I found this idea on pinterest as well.  Here is the link

Happy playing!

Family Fun Friday- Backwards

Tonight we will do things backwards.  I am a rule follower, but every once in awhile I like to switch it up.  Here is a look at what we’ll be doing.  I think the kids will love it!

We will eat under the table (breakfast for dinner), we will also start with dessert!

We made brownies with whipped cream and crushed oreos. They are called Boo treats as they look like ghosts!

We will see how many things we can do backwards: walk, skip, jump, hop, etc.

Gallopping backwards was the hardest!

Wear our pajamas

Backward Jokes:
· What vehicle is spelled the same backwards and forward? Racecar
· What has four legs and goes “oom-oom” answer: A cow walking backwards
· Forwards it is heavy, backwards it is not. What is it? Answer: A ton.

Count backwards from 100

Sing the alphabet backwards

Write their name backwards and show it in the mirror

Read a book backwards (This made my son giggle a lot!)

Lay under the table and draw a picture on paper taped under the table.

This was a challenge but fun!

Playdoh Monsters

My kids have been really into playdoh lately (I confess, I love it to), so we decided to make some playdoh monsters in honor of Halloween.  I gave them each a tub and set out pipecleaners, googley eyes, dyed noodles and let them create.  Here is a look.

Number Orders

My daughter and I played this fun game her kindergarten teacher sent home the other day.  It would be easy to make and it help kids learn before, after, etc. as well as their number order and counting.

Get 11 film canisters or any other small containers.  Number them 0-10 with permanent marker on the top.

Have one person put a button in one of the containers while the other person hides their eyes.

Once the button is hidden the person guessing asks questions like, “Is it in number three.”  The hider then has to answer them by saying no it is after, before, or it is an even number, etc.

I love that this develops math language and number sense!  Happy playing and learning:)

Tight Rope Walker

We decided to pretend to be tight rope walkers today so I made a tape line and had them walk on it.  We started out simple and then moved into tricks like walking backwards, spins, and even some jumps.  I love how my kids have such great imaginations and can invent anything.  Simple and very entertaining.

What’s in the Bag?

A nice calm activity to do when the kids are sick or on a rainy day.  You can use a paper bag, we chose to use a pillow case since I had that handy.  Take turns hiding one thing in the bag.  The other people reach their hand in and guess what the object it.  Some were more difficult than others, you could also do this with riddles or give clues if necessary.  Have fun playing!

Penny Hunt

My kids have both been sick all week which means time together in the house.  Here is a low key activity we did this week to keep them engaged and have a little fun.  Blind fold your child and scatter pennies over one area.  Have them go on their hands and knees and pick up as many as they can in 1 minute.  It was a lot of fun!