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Water Exploration

Today my kids discovered water draining down the road by our driveway and we decided to turn it into a fun project.  Here are some fun water ideas that we did.

* We brought out our water bottles and a bucket to refill them and slowly added more water to the stream to see how far it would go…they loved making it grow!

* We tried to float some of our bath toys in it but it wasn’t deep enough.

* We build dams out of different things to see which would hold the water the best.  Some things we tried were sticks, leaves, and rocks.

*We studied it the next day to discover most of it was gone!

* Splashed it it, of course!

* We also made a big pond, as we called it, and measured the water.

* We raced the water we poured in the stream down the hill.

* We also made handprints by getting our hands wet and slapping them on the ground!

* Add food coloring and see the water turn colors.

It was a fun way to experience the good outdoors without too much exercise for my sweet daughter.  I love the times when my kids are just creative and invent new games and ways to explore!









Our Bridge


Dress Up Guessing Game

My daughter loves to dress up so today we played a guessing game with her dress up.  She’d dress up and then I’d have to guess who she was…princess, mermaid, a mom, etc!  Then we’d switch and I’d dress up…with what fits me!  This is a fun and simple way to play and have fun with your kids today!

Pony Spa

My daughter loves her new homemade fun bath spa we invented.  She is really into doing people’s hair and makeup and just pretending to be a beauty shop girl.  We decided to put some of her My Little Pony’s into the bath and do a beauty shop with them.  I put in food coloring (to dye the Pony’s hair), small brushes and combs, barrettes, and shampoo and conditioner (trial sized that were from hotel stays…they are mini so they are more fun!).  We pretend each Pony is going to the spa and getting pampered.  This is a way to squeeze more playtime into our normal routines.

Sensory Tub

I am convinced my kids are still young enough to enjoy sensory bins!  At 6 and 5 they still love them.  For a fun Halloween bin I put dried beans, balls that look like eye balls (my son LOVED this!), orange lentils, spider rings and acorns into a giant bin and let them explore.  I also added measuring cups, spoons and bowls.  My kids liked to pretend they were making spider soup and other disgusting interesting things.  Happy Playing!

Ayla made a cupcake shop while Isaiah mixed secret stew!

Snow Cone

We had another snow!  The kids were so excited, and so was I.  We decided to do something a little different and set up a snow cone stand in our backyard.  I had some cherry syrup leftover from the summer’s homemade slushies, so we scooped up some snow and sprinkled dumped some on.  I thought the kids would get so cold, but they loved it!


Our kids got free tickets to the circus from our library, so we decided to take advantage and go this year.  It was so much fun!  It was their first time and it made a huge impression.  After the circus the kids actually decided to put on their own circus on our front yard.  It was neat to see them reenact it.  We also have been drawing circus animals and reading different circus books.  Here is a look at the excitement!

A Real Football Field

While I was out of town my husband treated my son to a special treat, he made our backyard into a football field.  He got several cans of spray paint, and made end zones and the half way mark (not sure what it’s called).  My son has loved this!  Most nights we’ve been winding down by playing a family game of football in the evening.  What creative things do you do in your backyard?

New kind of Coloring

Ayla is really into any kind of coloring these days, sidewalk chalk, crayons, markers, on boxes, on my feet (YES!) homemade stickers, etc., so I pulled out these paper dolls we’d given her for her birthday and I was quite impressed.  It is a whole book filled with paper dolls and then outfits that go with them.  The best part is you can color and design the outfits yourself!  She is loving it, and I am trying to encourage her to pace herself as she wants them all done right away.  These make great gifts and provide lots of entertainment.  I think we got ours from Barnes and Nobles.

Tight Rope Walker

We decided to pretend to be tight rope walkers today so I made a tape line and had them walk on it.  We started out simple and then moved into tricks like walking backwards, spins, and even some jumps.  I love how my kids have such great imaginations and can invent anything.  Simple and very entertaining.

Watermelon Shop

Getting my kids to help in the kitchen is one of my favorite things.  I enjoy cooking and baking and encourage them to be a part of it.  Today was simple.  I had a watermelon that needed to be cut up so I solicited the watermelon shop experts for some help.  They had an apron, butter knife, cutting board and big smiles.  I was the customer and they were the chefs/taste testers!