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Garden Rocks

Today we got to plant some of our seeds for our garden!  I am really excited about our garden this year as we have lots of space to make it large.  I decided to keep track of what we planted we’d decorate rocks and write the name of each plant on it.  My kids really got into it!  They enjoyed being able to spell the words on their own, choose their marker color, and make it their own.  We just used Sharpies..quick and simple, and now I will know what is growing in my garden.


Family Fun Friday-Dr. Suess

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd so that is our theme for our Family Fun Friday!!  We are celebrating by having green eggs and ham for breakfast!  The kids are off of school as well so I have a few extra things we will do during the day.  Here are some ideas of how to celebrate.

* Make our own books.  I will set up a writing station for the kids with paper, pens, stapler, etc. to make their own books, be real authors like Dr. Seuss.

* We will read lots of his books

* We will use our recycling and craft supplies to make our own creature like are in so many of his books (egg cartons, googly eyes, feathers, etc.)

* We will play Horton Hears a Who game

* Freeze red and blue candy fish in blue jello for a fun snack!

* Like Fox in Socks: we will play a game to see who can put on the most pair of socks in 1 minute.

Welcoming Daddy Home

My husband was gone on a birthday trip so my daughter and I decided to make a banner greeting him when he arrived.  It was a great way to work on her writing, and to let her Dad know he was missed!

Practicing Sight Words

I’ve been doing a few things to help my daughter learn her sight words.  Here are some things you can do around the house as well, they work for colors, numbers, letters, etc.  Here are some of our favorites.

* I put them on the bathroom mirror with sticky notes and she reads them to me every morning and evening while brushing her teeth.  It makes it super easy to switch them as well.

* We did a scavenger hunt for them.  I wrote them on some fancy paper and had her hunt our house for them and read them to me.

* Make a homemade die by covering an old one (or use a box as jumbo die) with sight words.  Have her roll, then read and make it into a sentence.

* You can make sight word tattoos out of ABC stamps!

* I also like to point them out when we are reading books together.

* Pretend the carpet is a sea of worms and she has to cross on the sight word rocks, stepping only on words she knows… preparing this for this week.

* We keep a little notebook in her cup holder of her car seat so anytime we have a couple extra minutes in the car she can read them to me.  Just not while driving, since she gets car sick!

* Shaving cream writing is always fun.

* Write them in a secret message.  Write on white paper the words in white crayon.  Have her use water colors to see the words and read them.

I love making learning fun!

Penny and Dice Game

My kids and I played this game and had a lot of fun with it the other day.  Here is how you play.

Divide coins up so each person has 10 (we used pennies).

Put the coin jar in the middle.

Have the each person predict the number that will be rolled (1-6) then have the first person roll the die.  Whoever is right puts their penny into the join jar.

The object is to get rid of all your pennies.

You could also do this like an adding game with more than one die or use a homemade die with sight words and have the kids practice reading them.  I love how I can sneak learning into game for them!


I saw this on the chick fil A’s website and thought we’d give it a try!  Sounds fun to me.

15 minutes flies by when you break it into action-packed, 60-second morsels.
Have the whole family do each of the following 15 activities for one minute. A minute goes by
fast so you might have to break a sweat as a family.
You’ll need one member of the family to watch the clock and yell out “Switch!” and then call the
next activity.

Minute Action!
1:00 Act like opera-singing cows
2:00 Go !nd the biggest thing you can that’s blue
3:00 Hug each other
4:00 Make a funny face and hold it
5:00 See who can jump the highest
6:00 Talk about all the places you want to visit around the world
7:00 Pretend you’re being chased by a swarm of bees
8:00 Tell your best knock-knock jokes
9:00 Eat something weird out of the fridge
10:00 Pillow !ght!
11:00 Draw a picture of a robot unicorn
12:00 Go put on your favorite pair of shoes
13:00 Dance…dance…dance…in your favorite pair of shoes
14:00 Share your favorite holiday memory
15:00 Create a secret handshake

You could also have your family brainstorm the ideas and then draw them out of a hat to see what they should do.

Happy Playing!

Thanksgiving Book

My kids are making a book about the things they are thankful for as a way to remind them of the many blessings we have.  Each day they draw a picture and write what they are thankful for.  The kids are really into it and it is neat to see what they are thinking about.  This will be fun to set out each year at Thanksgiving and see how their drawings and writings and thoughts change.  I think it will be our new tradition.

My daughters first entry was turkey, and my son wrote and drew about the Wii.

Making a List for the Babysitter

My kids have had very few babysitters, mostly family have watched them.  This weekend my husband and I had his cousin come and watch our kids while we went to dinner with some friends.  To give our kids something to look forward to, and her something to keep them entertained, we made a list of all the fun things they wanted to do with her.  They each wrote their own list.  Great practice for writing and reading as well!



Wall Writing

My daughter is finally into writing!  I am so excited, as I have tried for many years to get her to love writing, finally she is into it.  To help her with her sight words I had a sheet made with the alphabet and blew it up to the size of her door and then laminated it.  She loves to think of new Ll words that we can add to her board and she feels proud of herself when she learns a new word.  This is a great tool to use while getting ready for school in the morning or bed at night to really encourage writing and reading along with learning new sight words.  I also added pictures to some of the board.  This helps her remember what word she is reading.  For example a picture of her cousin next to her name.  Happy learning!

Walking to School

Now that we live close enough to walk to school I like to make the most of it and encourage learning as we walk.  Here are some things we are doing on our walks.

1. Find as many things as you can that begin with the letter Mm.  Mailbox, maple tree, man, etc.

2. For my nephew (he’s 2) we are working on colors.  Each car/house/etc. we pass we call out the color.

3. I spy is always fun

4. New ways to walk: skip, balance beam (if we’re not running late!), gallop, tip toe. etc.

5. Write the Neighborhood: Give them a clipboard (my kids love them) and have them write the things they see.  You could give direction with this as well such as have them trace words you know they’ll see.

6. Count: How many steps to the next house?  Baby steps?  How many cars will pass us on the way? People?

7. Songs: I admit I got caught singing to my nephew when it was just him and I on the way home from school one afternoon.  I was singing songs and nursery rhymes and a lady pruning her rose bushes smiled (I usually stop if I see people, but she snuck up on me!), I smiled back and when we got home he was asleep!!!  Oh well, I think she enjoyed my singing.

8. Pick up trash: Bring along a bag and pick up litter as you go… we always wear gloves for this!

9. Tell stories about myself when I was in school.  The kids love hearing these, especially when I tell them I got in trouble some…they are shocked!

10.  What I love about you: Try to boost their self esteem and tell them all the things that are great about them before they go to school.

What kind of things do you do on walks?