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Great Resources

Here are some of the books I like to use in planning the various activities for my kids!  Of course I also love to search out things on-line as well, is one of my favorite sites.  I also have enjoyed reading She has some unique crafts and food ideas that make eating fun for kids!    The book Unplugged Play by Bobbi Conner is awesome too, it has activities for toddlers all the way through ten-year olds!  She breaks down each section by age first and then in sub categories such a solo play, parent and child, playing with others, and birthday and party.  Great span and a book that will get a lot of use.  I know our local library has a copy, but since I use it frequently I purchased my copy from amazon.  Mary Tomczyk has a series called A Little Hands Early Leaning Books with various subjects such as Little Hands Art Book, Shapes and Sizes and More Surprises, Rainy Day Play, and many more!  Each book highlights a specific topic that it covers from math or crafts, they are lots of fun, specifically for ages 2-6.  I had this book when I taught, I have seen some copies at the library though.  The last book I have used a lot is by Trish Kuffner.  She is the author of the various BUSY BOOKS.  There are toddler, preschooler, school age, etc.  They are divided into sections such as crafts, holidays, on the go, etc.  Very helpful ideas of activities and crafts you can do with things you have already at home.  If you have any great resources, share, share, share, we would LOVE to hear about them and add them to our list!  Thanks!