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Family Fun Friday- Snow

Here are some of our activities for our family fun Friday.  I thought snow was a good theme since we’ve been enjoying the snow lately!  Here are some of the things we will be up to.

Making snowflakes out of coffee filters.  Just fold in half and then again, don’t cut on the folds.  Open and enjoy!

Putting bowls of snow in our house and seeing which one melts first.  On the porch, on the kitchen table, and on the heating vent.

Make popcorn balls and decorate them like snowmen.

Go sledding, have a snowball fight, build a snowman, and make snow angels.

Read lots of snow books like, Snow Day by Betsy Maestro, Snowballs by Lois Ehlert, The Jacket I Wear in the Snowby Shirley Neitzel, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Make a snowman out of white balloons inside if the temperatures are too cold.

Use white powdered doughnuts and candies to build our own snowman.

I love our Fridays!


Fun with Snow inside

Lately the temperatures have been so cold, we haven’t been outside much at all.  Here are some ideas to do with snow when it is too cold to go out.

* Indoor snowball fight with white socks

* Snow sculpture contest.  Who can make the biggest sculpture? Silliest? Most creative?

* Bring snow inside in a bowl and do some creative play.  Have a cookie shop and use cookie cutters and sprinkles.  Have a snowcone shop and put some flavoring (kool aid or tang work well) on it, sculpt the snow into some animals and pretend it is a zoo, add dolls or small cars to it for another fun adventure.

* See how long it takes the snow to melt in different places.  One container next to a heating vent, one outside, and one on the kitchen counter.

* Measure it in a variety of tubs, which one holds the most/least snow?

* Have a relay race dressing up with layers of clothes.  Who can put on the most and not fall over?

What are your favorite things to do with snow?

Snow Cone

We had another snow!  The kids were so excited, and so was I.  We decided to do something a little different and set up a snow cone stand in our backyard.  I had some cherry syrup leftover from the summer’s homemade slushies, so we scooped up some snow and sprinkled dumped some on.  I thought the kids would get so cold, but they loved it!

Snow Cone Shop

We decided to bring the snow into us the other day since it was cold.  We developed our own snow cone shop, and it was lots of fun, easy, and quick.  I brought in a large tub of snow.  Gave the kids spoons, bowls, and other fun kitchen items (they really enjoyed the spatulas).  We then made cones with some construction paper added a fun sign and sprinkles.  Isaiah made a tofu cone…hmmm.  Not exactly sure where he got that since I have only eaten tofu once or twice myself!  Ayla made a raspberry pie snow cone. Both were simply delicious.  I love their imaginations!

Edible Snowmen

We decided to make edible snowmen the other day using treats and food items around the house.  The kids favorite part was sampling each item we glued on!  You Need: paper, glue, mini marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips (we used butterscotch), candy cane, or other various food items.  This is really good for developing fine motor in kids.

Step 1: Make three circles for the snowmen, large, medium, and small with glue

step 2: Put mini marshmallows around the glue

Step 3: glue the other items on pretzel arms, chocolate chip buttons, butterscotch nose, etc.


Paperplate Snowman

This is super simple and loads of fun!  My son actually had this for homework, but I knew my daughter would love it too.  Take 3 paper plates, 2 big and 1 small.  Staple them so the small one is on the top.  Set out several items to decorate the snowman.  We used, glitter glue (the favorite!), beans, pom poms, buttons, pasta noodles, paper, markers, etc.  It would also be fun to do a theme snowman like Rapunzel, Lego man, etc.

Straws and clothespins make great arms.

Here is Ayla's, she made it upside down with the small one on top!

Happy creating!

Snow Play

Today it snowed, and boy did we have a lot of adventures in it!  We got all bundled up and decided to spray paint our yard.  Basically you fill a squirt bottle with water and add lots of one color of food coloring, in our house Isaiah had red and Ayla yellow.  They enjoyed writing words in the snow, making snow soup, and just making our yard very colorful!  Lots and lots of fun.  We also did a scavenger hunt.  I got a total of ten items, five for each of them, and hid them around the yard.  I left a little showing so they could see it slightly.  They had a lot of fun with it, digging in the snow and smiling when they saw the other persons items.  We also did some of the usual like make snow angels and shovel (they love helping).  We came back inside and had a tea party (with hot chocolate) and snacks!  What are your favorite things to do with your kids in the snow?