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Garden Rocks

Today we got to plant some of our seeds for our garden!  I am really excited about our garden this year as we have lots of space to make it large.  I decided to keep track of what we planted we’d decorate rocks and write the name of each plant on it.  My kids really got into it!  They enjoyed being able to spell the words on their own, choose their marker color, and make it their own.  We just used Sharpies..quick and simple, and now I will know what is growing in my garden.


Chalk Art

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a try.  We made chalk art and then took our pictures with our art.  It was loads of fun to make, even my son enjoyed it!  He made football players and then tackled them!  Here is a look.

The balloons are taking her up to the clouds!

Basketball Circle Game

My son is just slightly obsessed with basketball.  To entertain him, as well as our whole family, we made up a game to play with our hoop.  We drew circles around our driveway (and then across the street) and wrote numbers inside the circle to show how much each one is worth.  The closer the circle, the least amount of points.  It was lots of fun.  I started with numbers 1, 5, and 10.  Isaiah added ones worth 30 and 90 points!  It is a great way to practice basketball skills as well as addition.  Love it!  Here is a look.

Most, Least, and Equal

It was a warm day so the I let my daughter and niece fill up different jugs to compare which one has the most, least, and if there were any equal.  I filled up the water table and gave them different containers.  They loved this and had a good time deciding which one had most, least, etc.  This would also be fun in the bathtub!

Walking to School

Now that we live close enough to walk to school I like to make the most of it and encourage learning as we walk.  Here are some things we are doing on our walks.

1. Find as many things as you can that begin with the letter Mm.  Mailbox, maple tree, man, etc.

2. For my nephew (he’s 2) we are working on colors.  Each car/house/etc. we pass we call out the color.

3. I spy is always fun

4. New ways to walk: skip, balance beam (if we’re not running late!), gallop, tip toe. etc.

5. Write the Neighborhood: Give them a clipboard (my kids love them) and have them write the things they see.  You could give direction with this as well such as have them trace words you know they’ll see.

6. Count: How many steps to the next house?  Baby steps?  How many cars will pass us on the way? People?

7. Songs: I admit I got caught singing to my nephew when it was just him and I on the way home from school one afternoon.  I was singing songs and nursery rhymes and a lady pruning her rose bushes smiled (I usually stop if I see people, but she snuck up on me!), I smiled back and when we got home he was asleep!!!  Oh well, I think she enjoyed my singing.

8. Pick up trash: Bring along a bag and pick up litter as you go… we always wear gloves for this!

9. Tell stories about myself when I was in school.  The kids love hearing these, especially when I tell them I got in trouble some…they are shocked!

10.  What I love about you: Try to boost their self esteem and tell them all the things that are great about them before they go to school.

What kind of things do you do on walks?

Kool Aid Painting

What kid doesn’t love kool aid?  It takes me back to my days as a kid, green is my personal favorite.  We decided to paint in a new way using the kool aid.  All we did was add a small amount of water to each package and instant paint!  Plus it smells good.  Have fun creating!

Tattoo Rocks

Another easy and simple summer activity. You only need rocks and tattoos.  You put them on the rocks just like you would on your kids arm.  It was a fun outside activity.  The kids even gave them away to people as presents!

Our tattoos were cars, very fitting with the new movie!

Tag Summer Style

It was super hot the other day so the kids and I decided to play spray bottle tag with food coloring in it.  Think paint ball kids style!  The kids loved coloring each other and me as well.  Just add several drops of food coloring and you’re all set.  Happy Playing!

Watermelon Shop

Getting my kids to help in the kitchen is one of my favorite things.  I enjoy cooking and baking and encourage them to be a part of it.  Today was simple.  I had a watermelon that needed to be cut up so I solicited the watermelon shop experts for some help.  They had an apron, butter knife, cutting board and big smiles.  I was the customer and they were the chefs/taste testers!

Worm Jar

The kids and I decided while getting ready to plant our garden, that we needed to see the worms move.  We were talking about how useful worms are and they desired to see them in action.  Here is what you need for your own worm jar.




grass clippings

handful of worms

Layer your jar dirt, sand, dirt, sand until it is about 3 or 4 inches from the top (make sure the dirt and sand is damp, not wet).  Add the worms and cover the jar with grass clippings.  Place the jar in a cool dark spot.  We left ours outside and put our grill cover over it, although a paper bag would work great too.  In a week check and see how the worms are moving and the dirt and sand are mixed.  Also make sure to keep the jar moist by spraying it every other day or as needed.