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Good Clean Fun

After school my kids decided they wanted to clean using wipes, uh sure!  I gave them each a wipe and they cleaned the stroller, bikes, scooters, basically anything they could get their hands on.  We have done this before with a bucket of soapy water and rags, but since it was slightly chilly we stuck with the wipes.  Sometimes I forget how they love to help and serve and be useful too.  What an awesome way to show their appreciation, as moms we don’t always recognize it!  Here is a look.


Water Exploration

Today my kids discovered water draining down the road by our driveway and we decided to turn it into a fun project.  Here are some fun water ideas that we did.

* We brought out our water bottles and a bucket to refill them and slowly added more water to the stream to see how far it would go…they loved making it grow!

* We tried to float some of our bath toys in it but it wasn’t deep enough.

* We build dams out of different things to see which would hold the water the best.  Some things we tried were sticks, leaves, and rocks.

*We studied it the next day to discover most of it was gone!

* Splashed it it, of course!

* We also made a big pond, as we called it, and measured the water.

* We raced the water we poured in the stream down the hill.

* We also made handprints by getting our hands wet and slapping them on the ground!

* Add food coloring and see the water turn colors.

It was a fun way to experience the good outdoors without too much exercise for my sweet daughter.  I love the times when my kids are just creative and invent new games and ways to explore!









Our Bridge

Pony Spa

My daughter loves her new homemade fun bath spa we invented.  She is really into doing people’s hair and makeup and just pretending to be a beauty shop girl.  We decided to put some of her My Little Pony’s into the bath and do a beauty shop with them.  I put in food coloring (to dye the Pony’s hair), small brushes and combs, barrettes, and shampoo and conditioner (trial sized that were from hotel stays…they are mini so they are more fun!).  We pretend each Pony is going to the spa and getting pampered.  This is a way to squeeze more playtime into our normal routines.

Most, Least, and Equal

It was a warm day so the I let my daughter and niece fill up different jugs to compare which one has the most, least, and if there were any equal.  I filled up the water table and gave them different containers.  They loved this and had a good time deciding which one had most, least, etc.  This would also be fun in the bathtub!

Water Wall

I saw this idea on line and wish I could remember where, but I basically stole this idea from another mom’s blog.  I love it and knew the kids would too.  It was not quick or easy, it took me over two hours, and then my husband had to put the last couple of things on, so make sure if you want to copy this you have the time to invest.

Sink Vs. Float

This was one of the highlights of our day today, we did an experiment to see what toys would sink and which was would float.  Ayla and Isaiah went and each got five small toys and we made predictions to see what we thought about what might happen.  We did three rounds of this, they love it!  Something about kids and water just go together.