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Snowflake Tortilla

This is a really fun snack idea I saw this idea on pinterest and thought we’d do it since it has been snowy and cold here lately.  You need: Tortillas, oven, butter, cinnamon and sugar, and scissors.  Simply give the kids a tortilla and scissors an have them cut it like a snowflake.  Brush it with butter and cinnamon and sugar and bake at 350 for 5 minutes or so!  Super yummy!


Dress Up Guessing Game

My daughter loves to dress up so today we played a guessing game with her dress up.  She’d dress up and then I’d have to guess who she was…princess, mermaid, a mom, etc!  Then we’d switch and I’d dress up…with what fits me!  This is a fun and simple way to play and have fun with your kids today!

Family Fun Friday- Football

With the superbowl being Sunday I figured what better theme than football?  My son and my husband both love it so I thought this would be a great way to gear up for Sunday’s game.  Here is a look at what we’ll be up to.

1. Make our own jerseys of shirts to cheer for our favorite team

2. We are playing charades!  Acting out football terms, this will help me for the actual game!

3. Play snow football in the backyard

4. Hot potato with the football

5. Hide the football.  Have the kids go on a hunt around the house for the football

6. Contest to see who can make up the best victory dance after a touchdown is scored.

7. Coin Toss: See how many times head verses tails come up.  Who can get 50 heads first?

8. Football toss through the hula hoop inside with the nerf football

9. Make pennants and pom poms out of cardboard and yarn

10. Football drills, complete with jumping jacks and lots of push ups!

Family Fun Friday: Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day coming I thought chocolate would be a great theme…plus I am always up for sweets!  Here are some things we will be doing with chocolate.

* Hot chocolate bar: hot chocolate with add in’s like crushed peppermint, caramel, whipped cream, and lots of marshmallows!

* Chocolate taste test: Give them several different pieces of chocolate and have them determine their favorite

* Paint with chocolate pudding

* We will also play hide the Hershey’s Kiss, like hide and seek

* Break a Hershey bar into pieces and put it together like a puzzle

* Stack the thin mint cookies:  See who can build the tallest tower

* Fondue is on the list too, we will dip fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, chips, etc.

I have a feeling after this night we will need lots of healthy foods, and playtime in the yard!

Welcoming Daddy Home

My husband was gone on a birthday trip so my daughter and I decided to make a banner greeting him when he arrived.  It was a great way to work on her writing, and to let her Dad know he was missed!

Family Fun Friday- Minute to Win it!

Okay so I’ve never actually seen the show but I’ve seen some fabulously fun games on Pinterest that I knew we’d love.  Here is what you do in case you’re like me and out of touch with this show.  Each person has one minute to try to complete the task.  Here is our line up.

* Oreo from head to mouth: start with a cookie on your head, and using only the muscles in your face, move it to your mouth…we’ll give it a try!

* Noodling Around: Using an uncooked piece of spaghetti, try to get a piece of pasta (tube) hooked onto it while the spaghetti is in our mouth and the pasta is on the edge of the table.

* Balancing Fruit Loops: Using a popsicle stick, try to balance 5 fruit loops on the edge of it.

* Slimy Nose Relay: Put vaseline on the end of kids noses and have them transfer a cottonball from one paper plate to another plate.  See who can get the most.

* Cups: Stack 15 plastic cups.  Using the air from a blown up balloon try to knock all the cups over, refill air as needed!

* Scrambled Breakfast: Assemble a cereal box that has been cut into 16 pieces.

* Toilet Paper: Unwrap 2 rolls of TP using both hands.

Looking forward to some fun!

Easy Birdfeeder

My daughter is such an animal lover!  Today we decided to make bird feeders.  It was quite simple and loads of fun!  We poured water into muffin tins.  Added bird seed and a piece of string.  We set them outside to turn to ice, and hung them in the tree!  Very fast and easy, she got to do the whole thing.  She got a bird book and binoculars for Christmas so this is a great opportunity to wait for birds to come and see what kinds our feeders attract!

Eggs to Remember Martin Luther King

I love how our kids do not see people as different.  Living where we do, they been exposed to people of different races, ages, and socioeconomic status so to them they don’t see much of a difference.  As my daughter says, “God made everyone!”  Today I showed my kids a brown and a white egg and asked what was different about them.  The colors are different.  What about the same, both eggs, same shape, you can scramble both, both are tasty, etc.  I asked if they thought they’d be different on the inside.  They weren’t sure so we cracked them open and saw how they look exactly the same.  We talked about how God created all people, there is not one who is better if they have blonde hair, brown skin, or live in a certain part of the world.

Family Fun Friday- Marshmallows

We have an abundance of these at our house so I decided to build some activities for our Friday around these yummy treats!  Here are some of our ideas.

* Paint them with food coloring and milk mixture.

* Make snowmen with them along with pretzel sticks and M&M’s.

* Write and draw on them with sharpies and put them in the microwave for 20 seconds…they grow!

We drew on them

We watched them grow! The kids were amazed:)

* Use marshmallows and toothpicks (or pretzels) for building

* Who can build the biggest tower using mini marshmallows?

* Use a spoon as a catapult to fling marshmallows into a large container.  Who can get the most in in one minute?

This was harder than it looks!

* Marshmallow milkshakes.  I saw this on pinterest and I am really excited to try it!

Have fun playing with your family!

Christmas Songs Countdown Day 28- Born in Bethlehem

Third Day helped me discover this song.  I cannot believe our countdown has come to an end!  Thanks for sharing in this with me, my family has truly been blessed, I hope yours has as well!

Baby Jesus, born in a stable, humble Savior’s birth.
You left your throne in Heaven above, to live here on the Earth.

Baby Jesus, lying in a manger, crying for the world.
The Angels told the Shepherds of the Good News for us all.

Halleluiah, the King is here, given for all men.
For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

Come now Sinners and you Saints, all peasants and all Kings.
And bow before the Earth’s Redeemer, let all voices sing.

Halleluiah, the King is here, given for all men.
For today the Holy Son of God, is born in Bethlehem.

Why does Jesus matter?  That is something we’ve talked about a lot this Christmas.  The whole reason we celebrate is Jesus but why is that special?  He came to save us.  Sinners and Saints, Peasants and Kings.  Praise God for sending Him to save us!

Our family fun activity for today is a tasting party at our church before the service. We will be bringing goodies to taste and tasting many ourselves!  Yum!