Grow Today

This page has a few ideas you can use today to grow with your kids.  Some are just fun and some are a little more meaningful, but spending time together always yields great opportunities to grow!

Balloon Night

Teaching my son the balloon volleyball rules backfired--he became the rule police!

What you need: Balloons!  A jingle bell and a few shakeable items like rice grains, a Skittle, or any other shakeable things make a few more activities possible.


Balloon Volleyball  Make a barrier in the middle of the room.  You can attach a long piece of yarn to the walls or just line up some chairs.  Choose teams and go at it!

Noisy “Keep it in the air” A variation on the traditional game where you keep the balloon from hitting the ground.  Put a jingle bell in the balloon before you blow it up.  This adds noise and makes it a bigger challenge.  Work together to set your family record for the number you can get in a row.

Shake It! Put small items in three or four different balloons.  I used rice, x, and x.  Have your kids shake them, guess what’s inside, and then pop them to see if they were right!


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