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Family Fun Friday- Dance

We are going to do some fun activities involving dance, since we love to be active during the cold nights!  Our kids always ask what the theme is for our Family Fun Fridays and really look forward to them.  Here is a look at our night.

* Dance contest: Who can create the coolest new move…you also have to name it:)

* Crazy dance-a-thon: Put on some tune and dance, dance, dance!

* Costumes: Get dressed up and present a special dance

* New Moves: I will teach the kids some of my old moves, could be pretty funny!

* Classics: We will do the YMCA, Twist, Macarena, etc.

* Grab Bag: My kids love things like this.  Pull out of a paper bag a dance type and a music type (2 bags, 1 for type of dance, 1 for music type), then do the moves!

* Dance Tag: Instead of running, dance to get away!



Family Fun Friday-Dr. Suess

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd so that is our theme for our Family Fun Friday!!  We are celebrating by having green eggs and ham for breakfast!  The kids are off of school as well so I have a few extra things we will do during the day.  Here are some ideas of how to celebrate.

* Make our own books.  I will set up a writing station for the kids with paper, pens, stapler, etc. to make their own books, be real authors like Dr. Seuss.

* We will read lots of his books

* We will use our recycling and craft supplies to make our own creature like are in so many of his books (egg cartons, googly eyes, feathers, etc.)

* We will play Horton Hears a Who game

* Freeze red and blue candy fish in blue jello for a fun snack!

* Like Fox in Socks: we will play a game to see who can put on the most pair of socks in 1 minute.

Family Fun Friday- Games!

My kids are way into games right now so tonight we are doing a Family Fun Friday involving playing games with a twist! I love our times together the kids chant Family Fun Friday when they go to school, knowing upon pick up the fun begins!! Here is a look at our Friday this week.

Jenga: When you pull out a block you get to choose someone in our family to do an activity (like dance their silliest) or answer a question.

Memory: We will play this with Hershey kisses.  When you get a match, you get to each your kiss!

Twister: Add sight words to the circles and have the kids call them out when they put their hand or foot on them!

Candyland: Play it backwards!

Family Fun Friday- Legos

Tonight our family fun night revolves a lot around my son, since he LOVES Legos (and so do I).  They are such great fun toys that rarely get old.  Here is a look at what we will be up to.

1. Lego building competition.  I will have different categories like tallest, use most pieces, most creative, animal, tree, etc.  Since anything with competition is great for my son, I am sure he will love this one.

2. Guess how many Legos in the jar.  I will fill a jar with Legos and have the kids guess how many are in there.

3. Use Legos with art.  I will pull out paint and play doh and let them use these items with Legos!

4. We will also build a creation together where each person adds a piece until we are done.

5. Each of us build with our eyes closed or blind folded, to see what we can make.

Family Fun Friday- Football

With the superbowl being Sunday I figured what better theme than football?  My son and my husband both love it so I thought this would be a great way to gear up for Sunday’s game.  Here is a look at what we’ll be up to.

1. Make our own jerseys of shirts to cheer for our favorite team

2. We are playing charades!  Acting out football terms, this will help me for the actual game!

3. Play snow football in the backyard

4. Hot potato with the football

5. Hide the football.  Have the kids go on a hunt around the house for the football

6. Contest to see who can make up the best victory dance after a touchdown is scored.

7. Coin Toss: See how many times head verses tails come up.  Who can get 50 heads first?

8. Football toss through the hula hoop inside with the nerf football

9. Make pennants and pom poms out of cardboard and yarn

10. Football drills, complete with jumping jacks and lots of push ups!

Family Fun Friday: Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day coming I thought chocolate would be a great theme…plus I am always up for sweets!  Here are some things we will be doing with chocolate.

* Hot chocolate bar: hot chocolate with add in’s like crushed peppermint, caramel, whipped cream, and lots of marshmallows!

* Chocolate taste test: Give them several different pieces of chocolate and have them determine their favorite

* Paint with chocolate pudding

* We will also play hide the Hershey’s Kiss, like hide and seek

* Break a Hershey bar into pieces and put it together like a puzzle

* Stack the thin mint cookies:  See who can build the tallest tower

* Fondue is on the list too, we will dip fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, chips, etc.

I have a feeling after this night we will need lots of healthy foods, and playtime in the yard!

Family Fun Friday- Minute to Win it!

Okay so I’ve never actually seen the show but I’ve seen some fabulously fun games on Pinterest that I knew we’d love.  Here is what you do in case you’re like me and out of touch with this show.  Each person has one minute to try to complete the task.  Here is our line up.

* Oreo from head to mouth: start with a cookie on your head, and using only the muscles in your face, move it to your mouth…we’ll give it a try!

* Noodling Around: Using an uncooked piece of spaghetti, try to get a piece of pasta (tube) hooked onto it while the spaghetti is in our mouth and the pasta is on the edge of the table.

* Balancing Fruit Loops: Using a popsicle stick, try to balance 5 fruit loops on the edge of it.

* Slimy Nose Relay: Put vaseline on the end of kids noses and have them transfer a cottonball from one paper plate to another plate.  See who can get the most.

* Cups: Stack 15 plastic cups.  Using the air from a blown up balloon try to knock all the cups over, refill air as needed!

* Scrambled Breakfast: Assemble a cereal box that has been cut into 16 pieces.

* Toilet Paper: Unwrap 2 rolls of TP using both hands.

Looking forward to some fun!

Family Fun Friday- Popcorn

January 19th was national popcorn day, who knew?  I LOVE popcorn!  I am so thankful I have passed my love for this along to my kids.  Tonight we will be doing many activities involving this yummy snack!  Here is a look.

* We are going to make popcorn in a bag, saw it on pinterest and love the idea.  Here is the link

I actually wouldn't do this again. About half the popcorn popped, some burned, and no oil so it was really dry!













* We are going to use that popcorn to make a popcorn cake, another pinterest idea.  Here is the link

* We are going to sample popcorn with different toppings.  Carmel, butter, plain, salt, cheese, etc. (Shocker we prefer butter and salt!)

* We are going to be popcorn, think jumping and moving…getting lots of energy out!

* We will use a straw and race popcorn off the table by blowing them to the finish line.

This was really fun, both my kids loved getting to blow it across the table!











* We will use it for art.  I am planning on letting them self direct this one.  I will put out string, paper, glue, glitter, etc, and let them make popcorn art.

We made a popcorn tree by drawing it and then colorig the popcorn like apple blossoms!













* We will also make Kool Aid popcorn here is the link

* We will end with movie and popcorn!  Yum!

What do you like to do with your family on the weekends?

Family Fun Friday- Marbles

I look so forward to our family fun Fridays!  My kids and I even sing a song about them we get so excited!  Love it!  So we are going to be doing some fun family games and activities involving marbles.  Here are some things we will be up to.









* We are going to bake them in the oven at 500 for 20 minutes and then put them immediately into cold water to see them become cracked and very pretty!

* We are going to paint with marbles.  Put a piece of paper the size of a shoe box flat into a shoe box.  Then squirt a bit of paint onto the paper and roll the marble around in it!

* We will make a circle out of tape on the carpet and each put in 5 marbles.  Then we will take turns being the shooter and trying to get the other people’s marbles out of the circle.








* We will also use an egg carton and try to roll the marble into the cracks.  Each crack will be worth a certain amount of points.  The player with the most points wins!

My kids actually enjoyed this game and did really well at it!










* We are going to reach into a bag to pull out a marble and depending on the color we will have to do certain things.  Each color is assigned to a person in my family.  So if you pull out a yellow marble, that is my color.  I might have you sing the ABC song or run up and down the stairs 5 times!

We got pretty creative and it was a great way to burn off excess energy! My son had to climb our stairs 30 times!




















* We will also do a marble roll tunnel.  Make a tunnel out of cardboard and cut slots to allow the marble to roll through it.  See who can get the most through the slots.

* We will also make a marble run out of cereal boxes and cardboard tubes!

* We will race our marbles down a cut up pool noodle!

Some of these ideas came from pinterest on a mom blog.  Here is the link

Pictures coming soon!

Family Fun Friday- Balloons

We did our family fun night on Sunday this week due to our schedule, but here is a look at our theme.

* Balancing them on a fly swatter.  See who can balance and bounce the longest.

* Volleyball with balloons!  We will move our furniture out of the way, put up a rope as a net and play some fun volleyball.

Tried to teach my son the rules for volleyball and that bikefired! He totally was the rule police after that:)

* Decorate them with permanent markers, make silly faces!  We might use stickers too.

* It is bath night so we might put balloons in the tub (first time for this).  My daughter loved this!  I did have to say no throwing water balloons at the ceiling as she was trying to use the ceiling to pop them!

* Tie a string around the balloon and use a thumb tack to hold it to the ceiling and let the kids battle the balloon.

* Put different items in the balloons and have the kids shake them and guess what they are.

I stumped my daughter when I put a crayon in it. She couldn't figure out the sound. I put rice and a bell in them too, those were the easier ones!

* Glow sticks in the balloons would be fun too.  Saw this on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a try!

* I will hide small treasures in the balloons for my kids to find when they pop them (like a piece of gum, a tattoo, a coupon for a no clean up pass, etc.)

My son sat and bounced on it over and over again! This was one of our favorite things!

* We will try to stomp each others balloons.  Tie a string (1 1/2 to 2 feet) around the balloon and then around the persons ankle.  One per person.  Then try to stomp and pop the other persons balloon.  This could get crazy!!!

* We will also play can’t touch the ground but put a small marble in the balloon.  I’ve heard it will make it move around..we’ll see!

* To finish things off we are going to use our balloons to make chocolate pudding cups.  I found this idea on pinterest as well.  Here is the link

Happy playing!